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  1. If I was swimming in a CM pool and I moved into a warmer patch...., I suppose I would move out of the area.
  2. I would say..., slightly cooler...., but not much.
  3. I gave up looking..., I was looking for a carton..., for a friend back home..., but I rotate back to the real world early tomorrow am. Thanks anyway.
  4. I use Waze while 'in country'(LOS)...., and back home. I've always found it very accurate...., so long as there's a signal.
  5. As an Aussie...., I'd just like to say(write)..., I am sure those 'top' countries are all very happy in their own way..., and I don't mean to deliberately 'dis' anyone's alleged happiness..., but I am so "happy as larry" that we Australians don't have to share a border with anyone else..., it just makes things so much easier. And I don't want any "ignorance is bliss" comeback comments from the peanut gallery !
  6. These gorilla screens are indeed much cheaper at one of those little phone stalls that are found all around Bkk..., you just have to make certain if you get them to fit one that they are in fact fitting exactly the authentic 'hard'..., "Gorilla" brand screen and not just a plastic film...., or whatever it is you are wanting. Many of the people operating those stalls can tend to be on the pirate side of shrewd.
  7. Ok...., I'll take a bar of soap with me when I go out soon.
  8. It was only the protector gorilla screen that was cracked..., I paid 780 bt for another one..., the guy did right in front of me in 3 min - proper job. I'm guessing it would have been much cheaper over at one of those little MBK(or anywhere else) stalls.., but I couldn't be buggered going over there after all the running around I'd been doing that day.
  9. I'm trying to source the above Indonesian Kretek clove cigarettes in Bangkok..., for a friend. A series of similar posts were made some years ago and now those posts are archived...., and the info is also possibly outdated. Yesterday.., acting on info received, I went to the little Indonesian Shop underneath the Grand Diamond Hotel and Pantip Mall..., the lady who sometimes has them is away in Indonesia. Also.., the Guards at the Indonesian Embassy sent me to her shop. Can anyone help out with current info ?
  10. all done at apple central world.
  11. I suspect Koh Kut would be a comparatively quiet place to stay during Songkran...., burn this post after you read it.
  12. hmmm ...., or maybe even c. chooses the have a different kind of fun. ...., as opposed to someone like your sanctimonious self who clearly chooses to diss those who are simply exercising their own free choice.
  13. ..., a phone is not a submarine
  14. ..., good music can very much be a subjective thing...., and, I'm not generally a big drinker myself..., but icy cold beer just seems to fit perfectly with the humidity and my liking for quite spicy food.
  15. Yes..., Sorry..., I should have assumed MBK would be the place to ask. Yes..., back in Farangland Gorilla Glass was fitted. As I'm due back in Farangland soon, I phoned a small arcade shop(in Oz) they said $450 - $500..., yeah right..., good luck with that I thought ! I then phoned my local Aussie Apple store and was told just under $198. I'll pay a visit to MBK...., will also get prices from Apple store in Bkk Cheers