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  1. I found it very interesting that this right wing trained doctor, now political commentator, who grew up in Canada while we were putting single payer in place says the American people's mindset now has an expectation of universal healthcare. There is a new FOX poll that has Bernie Sanders at 61% approval. Higher than any other politician. Maybe times are a changing.
  2. That's For Sale
  3. Sorry I'm not too up on current fascist analogies. All I know is my step daughter received her tablet in Uthai. If you are referring to ฿ spent on farm subsidies she had nothing on your yank parties. American Farm Subsidies=$20B annually
  4. Polls favored single payer when Obama was elected but he wouldn't take on his own party members who where beholden to the health insurance lobby. It was a cowardly act and there could be Medicare for all today had he had a stiffer spine. Shouldn't be a surprise because liberals are a gutless bunch. In Canada it took a provincial social democratic government to first enact single payer while fighting off a greedy doctor strike. Twenty years latter single payer went nationwide only because the social democrate party held the balance of power and forced minority Liberal Party government to pass Medicare or be booted from office.
  5. iPads? Explain yourself because it sure seems to me that iPads are to Yingluck as ACA is to Obama as 30฿ doctor visits were to Taksin.
  6. Something you would never hear that Orange thing say.
  7. It may be a missed opportunity. Would the Republicans not have been in for a beat down in the mid-terms had this passed? 17% support could have been worn down further with some creative advertising about the huge tax cuts for the wealthy and issuance being taken from millions. Then build a case for Medicare for all. Bernie was doing a nice job of that just now on TV.
  8. Oberman quoted an American spook's text to a friend as stating "He (Trump) will die in jail". Smart people know who not to piss off.
  9. The polls say it is favored by 17%. Let it pass and keep giving him more rope.
  10. I think Chang Mai would be next to get one. North West Bangkok after that. Nowhere near big enough customer base in the South East.
  11. Great news. When Minor International moved the MacDonalds up Beach Rd and an outlet store replaced it I wondered if something else was going on. That corner is the prime spot in the mall.
  12. Time for the Yanks to start controlling your borders!
  13. The stories about garbage on Koh Larn is rubbish produced on the island
  14. Well Balo I missed my first high season in 9 years but it seems to me that in the last few years you Nordic types came after New Years and left before Songkhran. Congratulations to your country being named as home to the happiest folks on earth. Were we all smart enough to have a Stat Oil.