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  1. More talk ?
  2. Yes the medicines are a rip off .. but you don't have to buy medicines from them , although of course they prefer you to .
  3. I just picked up a residents card ( no fee at present ) for my daughter 11yrs .. previously was only issued to 12 or over .. In the past , on occasion , my prices with the residents card have been cheaper than the child fare , now with the reduced fares I'm sure they are .
  4. Sounds like a mistake ... I have had blood tests and others at Bangkok Hospital and not been overcharged .. I would query it .
  5. Samui Immigration said ' No Cannot '
  6. Oh well .. Just a thought .. I have to go to immigration next week anyway so will see what they say ..
  7. I assume the account can be closed and funds used ..
  8. I normally just use my debit card .. but as I need to have 800,000 in an account and if this were accepted by immigration it would give me more flexibility .. I assume the account would be linked to my current account which would be debited monthly for any outstanding balances .. The bank said interest was 1.2% , I think , on the account .
  9. I am thinking of getting a credit card from Bangkok Bank ... If I want 800,000 Baht credit I need to deposit 800,000 Baht in an account . Can this account be used as showing 800,000 Baht for my Visa renewal ? Thanks in advance
  10. 'Crossing the road .... Grab a flag ' Too bad all the flags are on the other side !
  11. Perhaps the reason they are asking for hand drawn maps along with google .
  12. Price is cheaper for residents which is correct .. Samui cannot cater for many more tourists so why lower the price ...
  13. Normally when I book with my residents card I get close to the same price as any promotions at that time ... With this further discount it should mostly be a lower price for residents .. And then for every 10 flights ( sometimes five ) they give a free flight .. so in effect a further discount .
  14. Lower price for all with residents card .. Not just Thai . Some restaurants and hotels also offer discounts . I went to Coco Splash yesterday and residents pay less .
  15. Trying ITV