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  1. This may be the first sensible decision I can remember from a Thai court. He was negligent, he admitted it, it was an accident, he was found guilty and the sentence suspended. Or they could have avoided all the chest beating and just accepted it was an unfortunate accident.
  2. Im sure they will come with a warranty of " until you take possession"
  3. Or one sub, one recovery vessel and 50 mercedes benz. One for each navy general. Well, they may need a few more mercs to keep the other generals happy.
  4. The courts have made a judgement when the case was prosecuted. It not his fault or anyone else for being smarter than the taxation department. If they didnt pursue the case fully because of him being the incumbent PM, sack the lot of them. The horse has bolted and Prayuth trying to reignite the issue is just a farce and shows an obvious lack of his understanding of law. Let him use his section 44 power to introduce retrospective tax law and watch the country fall a further 50 years behind every asian country. Prayuths a clown and every day his attempt to get at the Shins confirms he has no place leading a circus, let alone a country.
  5. I believe the person you refer to may have, when be questioned under oath, stated words to the affect "of course I try to minimize the amount of tax I pay,. The government does such a poor job in spending what I already pay them"
  6. Actually, one is an obligation and duty for any professional representing their client.
  7. Poor taxation laws and loopholes are created by the taxation departments and finance ministries. Every accountant and lawyer has a duty to obtain the best result for their client, not the government. I have never seen tax law where morality received even a mention. Morality is the donation to a favourite charity. After ensuring the donation will be tax deductible, of course.
  8. Im sure he is heavily involved now. Before the murder he was just the donor and attitude trainer.
  9. There is a difference between tax avoidance and tax minimisation even to zero. Anyone who doesnt minimise the amount of tax paid by using the law to their benefit is a fool,.
  10. You havent been looking in enough switchboards then and especially in Pattaya, near the red lights.
  11. He was probably armed with a guitar and tried to sing Prayuth's latest melody. In this case it would be justifiable homicide.
  12. Well they do mass produce them. Be nice though if replaced by a general election!
  13. Another worthy contestant for the "I'm not a smart as I look" award.