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  1. Thats 600 extra brown envelopes to pick up this month.
  2. And these imbaciles believe they have created the environment to encourage foreign investment.
  3. And most of the bargirls in Pattaya and Phuket also practice french. If you can get them off the cell phones.
  4. Yes but who would they blame? The black monks?
  5. Thats enough ice to cool down about 4 cases of beer. The BIB wont be happy consuming it warm.
  6. There will be no riot because it wont happen. I can see a negotiated settlement to share the loot said to have been illegally aquired.
  7. Elections delayed until 2019 as all troops will be still busy surrounding the temple trying to arrest the monk. Unfortunately, the monk is watching the circus live from overseas.
  8. Not abandoned. Thats just how Russians park.
  9. That wasnt a hard on he was just a bit stiff!
  10. Still includes the roundabout to nowhere!
  11. And the punishment will be another 3 months to comply, followed by a few more months, then forgotten about.
  12. So that explains the smell! I wonder if Olga likes him feeding the fish. If thats what you call it?
  13. Should have just killed half a dozen people while driving unlicensed, given a few hours community service and then complained about the punishment. But he just had to push the limits and feed the fish!
  14. The police and the PM have been made to look like monk kee. Again!
  15. Ignorant and naive comment. Are you aware that a junta has forcefully taken control of the country with the sole purpose to eliminate the Shins and anybody associated with them? Do you understand the last 70 years of military interference with impunity? Care to comment on their actions to ignore all investigations into their actions or questioning of such?