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  1. This is embarrassing, nobody has the moral high ground here. The van companies have for years never paid any attention to driver regulation or customer safety, on the contrary they encourage their brainless moron drivers to drive like brainless morons with a pay per journey system. And the authorities have made transport worse for the public by moving the van depots miles away from where was more convenient to get them from. The only loser i see here are the public who will be unable to travel home and the public again because the govt will never actually bother to enforce safety regulations for them. A real $#it show 😩
  2. Again as I stated yesterday, not a real military as they seem to resemble a criminal outfit and seem to be almost exclusively seen conducting dubious activities. The fact the cctv won't be released is because it doesn't support their false account of what happened. A really good snd wholesome kid has had his life taken and those accused of killing him are slandering his good name by wheeling out unsubstantiated and likely bogus claims
  3. A truly reprehensible individual. Scum of the earth in the truest sense of the word. The hiso set clearly have no morals whatsoever as is shown by his mother in some of the leaked pictures. If this rat is allowed to simply avoid a trial (and subsequent conviction) because he has been overseas simply living the high life then what chance do the authorities have of claiming the justice system is fair and impartial. Surely steps must now be taken to arrest him on sight. This is an outrageously disturbing case. All involved in the cover up / shielding deserve the most severe penalties possible. Just the sight of this idiot is repulsive 😠
  4. The RTA certainly APPEARS to be little more than a criminal organization. It has its godfathers at the top, a huge number of foot soldiers, and seemingly a whole array of involvements in undesirable activities / rackets. Also the culture of impunity draws parralels with a mafia where those with just grievances are silenced and justice is almost nevr served on their organization or members. A disgrace 😡
  5. Idiots. Leave it as it is. The fact remains that it's only real draw is its sex scene. It would be an economic disaster if Pattaya went under, especially after the junta has already squandered large chunks of thecountry's foreign reserves. It is so stupid that they don't legalize vice, but we know that's a non starter as high ranking cops, army and crooked ministers would likely lose billions in dirty money as a result.
  6. You're spot on mate. These guys will have had a really rough few days at the hands of the RTA. Whether they are guilty of anything now is second fiddle. The cap has been made to fit and they're it and that's all there is to this (pathetic) situation. The supposed assassination plot for the junta big wigs seemed like (read is) almost pure fantasy
  7. How could he not admit to it. Anyone with functioning eyes could see he was going like a bat out of hell and far beyond the speed limit. The cops are right on with the charges in this case. The other driver who died made a real meal of the u turn and paid the ultimate price for his ineptitude behind the wheel. Still i feel this shouldn't stop the courts throwing the book at the comedian's lad as his reckless speed / inattention made it a fatal collision
  8. Dreadful abuse of ill gotten power here. Taking away people's livelihoods for no real clear and justifiable reason. I hope these people club togrther and protest. This sham of a government is sowing the seeds of discontent. The revolt i suspect will come before the year is out. The street food is 1 of the things that adds some real sparkle to BKK in my view
  9. Absolutely despicable that this even went to court. The jet ski mafia get away with ripping off people for years while renting the things out to all and sundry. This poor chap needs a counsellor after all he has been through, not getting put before a judge. All the while the red bull w@n*er does as he wants and jenphop still hasn't gone to trial despite killing 2 with video evidence to prove it. Disgusting as per.
  10. What a total moron. She should be charged with wasting police time (i know that's a bit of a stretch actually). But seriously how do people like this survive so long, especially in a wild west country like Thailand 🙃 A cull is needed
  11. And to think that british squaddie got 50 years for being busted with a bag of 200 E's not too long back, and the mushroom pickers got 15 years for illegal logging. Ridiculously lenient sentencing here for what is arguably the most heinous crime one can possibly commit. I guess the only positive thing about this story was there was no mention of bail being posted, or the court considering a bail request at the time of going to press.... Let's just hope he is rotting in a cell with some really nasty inmates who know what he's been locked up for
  12. You have to wonder how many more of these are going to be tolerated going forward. if the crime itself isn't bad (and clear) enough then the police's lack of haste in proceeding with it certainly is. How much studying of CCTV is actually needed here, in a proper and fair justice system the clear CCTV showing the crime is as clear and impartial a witness that is required, but seemingly not here (unless you're connected and giving dubious edits with a brown envelope on the side a la nomsod). I wish to see the cop's son in chains very soon, but I suspect this is the last we'll hear about this case as follow up journalism here is thin on the ground to say the least
  13. The stuff the illegal government has been coming up with recently is becoming more and more pathetic and desperate. And the fact they've just made a whole new set of large and powerful enemies in the Dhammakaya cult I feel will seriously bite them when it all comes crashing down, and it will. I give it a year til the government loses complete control and is forced with mass protests, the genie is out of the bottle and the attempts to demonize its perceived threats even more appear to be amateurish at best and very far from credible, more people than in the past are wise to the very blatant and ridiculous lies being spouted. Ko Tee for the record is a complete crook, and there are smarter ways they could have taken him down. This very obvious set up will actually just garner support for his cause I suspect
  14. Errr what, the travel (bus) company has REFUSED to pay a single baht. And this is allowed to stand why? They should pay every baht from the point of their driver running the red light and ploughing into these young kids til the point that they're up, healthy and cartwheeling around the place with fully functioning mental states. I get the bus company is probably owned by some influential Sino Thai idiot, but the driver? They should both be taken to the nearest tree, scum 😠
  15. I can't believe the gall of some posters here actually condemning this women. There are so many red flags in this case, the gear she supposedly had was never actually presented to the court, and her case file had her sign a confession which she said she was forced to sign, and she was denied access to a lawyer at the point of arrest. Also anyone who knows anything about this drug would know that outside the source countries (south american nations) the likelihood of the end user getting the drug with a purity of above 40% is slim at best (because almost every level dealer cuts it with other substances to bulk it up). So on that basis alone the amount she will have had will have been literally 1 (yes one) grain of salt's worth. The influential figure story was completely overlooked in court, not even any investigation into that. This whole case stinks to high heaven. Adn what makes it even worse is that actual criminals who have killed or maimed innocent people either in their cars or through intentional acts have not only escaped jail for those crimes, but also certainly done so through acts of bribery / perverting the course of justice (themselves gross crimes in their own right). The random and inconsistent application of the law is a key calling card of a banana republic justice arm. It is sick, indefensible, and morally bankrupt as is. My heart bleeds for all involved in this case, these innocent kids and their father's lives have been destroyed, and for what? I feel sick to my stomach every time i hear about this case, a complete miscarriage and abuse of power.