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  1. The PM'S brother has been present 6 times only out of 456 sessions. So it is not beyond legal limits. What was the legal limit? 5 times?
  2. I don't have much consideration for this guy, but for once he makes a relevant comment.
  3. Which companies finance the TDRI expertise?
  4. Actually, since the 2006 coup, the PPT has been in power during 3 years and half only (less if you don't count the caretaker period).
  5. "We now know the blackshirts were red shirts.. proven in a court of law.. so we know that the PTP has an armed wing.. wow.. nice and democratic. Without those armed blackshirts the deaths would never have happened. " We know only of one guy convicted for carrying weapons (not shooting) who's face appears on a picture. The rest is just inference by you.
  6. From what I read, it was negotiated before the coup. They will probably rush on it in order to attract attention while they cover up the RR scandal and others.
  7. "That would make for a committee consisting of five industry representatives, two government appointees, two from the independent organizations and another four deemed to be experts." - 5 industry representative - 2 government appointees - 2 from independent organisations: appointed by the Junta - 4 experts: probably also directly or indirectly appointed by the Junta
  8. Well, there are two ways to understand it: - there will be reconciliation if the usual party does not get into power again, and my ex-minister does not need to organise chaos again with the support of other institutions, OR - there will be reconciliation if people accept that the party with the most votes does not get into power, or in case it does, will not be allowed to implement its own program. ....
  9. Actually there is a significant list of cases that contradict your assertion: changes in the constitution refused by the constitutional court, elections results nullified, application of state of emergency measures forbidden, Yingluck ousted for abuse of power, NACC'S decision to indict YL for the rice scheme.... all that done before the coup. In fact, a significant number of investigations and decisions against the PTP government have been expedited during their government, while older cases against Suthep or Abhisit have been slowed down......
  10. I don't think so.... read well! "However, more than 73 per cent of respondents agreed that Prawit was the right choice to lead the reconciliation push because he played a major role in government and politics" "...because the situation in the country was still not stable and they needed to wait and watch"
  11. I agree! He's been a very active PM: clothing on the beach adviser, weather reporter, gym instructor, song composer.......
  12. Looks like he was not the only one on the payroll!
  13. It represents around 600,000 for each day of presence.
  14. "The Democrat leader also said the self-sufficiency theory could also be adopted in politics." Do I get it right? Just like self-sufficicency means sparing on resources, sustainable democracy means sparing on democracy?