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  1. Malaysian-Chinese blindly worship that little authoritarian nanny state too, although you can't blame them. Their own dictatorship resembles Saudi Arabia more and more every day.
  2. flippant...considering the British shoe bomber and the underwear bomber
  3. I've traveled the world for 40 years outside my home country. You know--one of those professional TEFLers with the appropriate degrees, teaching at universities, companies and military bases. (Retired--"Goodbye to All That"). Anyway the worst airport I've ever seen was Iligan City airport in the Philippines. What a nightmare. Serving the region it does, including Cagayan d'Oro down the road, it should be 5 times larger. There was literally standing room only similar to being at a rock concert, all crushed together Then the power went out along with the air conditioning. I wondered what the hell I was doing there...and wondered how long this hell would last. The power came on after about half an hour to 45 minutes, something like that. I'm never flying there again. If I wanted to visit a woman I should have chosen Chiang Mai, for God's sake.
  4. What I like about CM Airport is the ground staff. Twice while visiting Chiang Mai I had to go to the airport to change my return ticket; both times a smiling young woman took care of it in about 90 seconds. Kudos to those girls and all the efficient, smiling service sector young women in the city itself.
  5. I am shocked--shocked to find there are ladyboys strolling the streets of Pattaya.
  6. One thing I can't stand more than anything else is innocent young women being destroyed in the most sadistic ways possible. I remember as an undergraduate back around 1978, a friend of a friend at my college wanted to be a photojournalist. He showed me a photo he'd taken of some beautiful murdered blonde...she'd been laid out naked and had some kind of ritual stab wounds around her breast in a circle. I didn't know what a serial killer was then, but in hindsight the "signature" ritual stab wounds would certainly rouse the suspicions of profilers that this was probably the work of a serial killer. I had nightmares that night. Poor girl. Just trying to get a degree and make her way in life like the rest of us.
  7. That's what they get for allowing anyone from N. Korea in without a visa! Dummies.
  8. For God's sake, it's deep in the Indian Ocean. It's not like it's the Titanic. Give it up already.
  9. Actually Thailand just gets worse and worse, not better. Koh Samui was great when I visited in '87. Phi Phi Island is inherently beautiful but you have to listen to noisy water taxis until midnight. Not my idea of a South Pacific-like island paradise.
  10. North Koreans can enter Malaysia without a visa. Now there are some quality tourists for you--visiting a fascist Islamic state.
  11. I wouldn't rush to judgment. Sounds like he could have suffered a heart attack that caused him to fall.
  12. Well Trump's favorability polls are the lowest in history for a president so new in office, well below 40%. Many credible people turn it down because association with Trump would destroy their name and career later, especially if Trump gets impeached a little later. It took Obama and GW Bush almost two years to reach 45% or so, and Obama's rose quite well later.
  13. He never served in the military, but he knows "more about ISIS than the generals."