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  1. I suggest going forward that brakes on all vehicles are removed and replaced with amulets.
  2. As they're already comfortable with the principle of discrimination via the dual pricing for national parks reciprocation is surely justified in recognising that getting a farang licence requires 10 times more ability and thus should be awarded a Thai licence without further ado?
  3. It's so hot and dry here that the villagers rely on government officials spitting on them for moisture!
  4. Okay,so show us your statistics backing up your claim that both countries have the same amount of collisions. Why hasn't it occurred to your 'analytical' brain to quote the difference in the number of motorcycle accidents between the two countries which would explain a lot of it. How about the difference in the level of preventive measures taken,like the wearing of proper crash helmets (or any helmet at all) ,the inability in the uk to continue your journey if caught without insurance or the car unroadworthy,the severe penalties for leaving the scene of an accident . You admit Thailand has the second worst road fatalities in the world but you simply put that down to the standard of the emergency services. That implies every virtually every other third world state (think of Africa) has better emergency services. How's your analytical thinking coping with that?
  5. He wouldn't have to wait to lose it,he would most likely be relieved of it,tortured into revealing the PIN numbers and held captive for several days while his account was emptied and then his body would be dumped. But hey,they've got rid of apartheid and the economy storming ahead to catch up with Zimbabwe ,so relief all round.
  6. I'm going to hazard a wild guess based on my observations that the death toll might have more to do with the the moronic driving skills and attitude,but hey you focus on the symptoms rather than the cause. So you think that in any kind of accident or emergency, unless medically qualified,one should just walk on by,nothing one could do to help? Your deductive reasoning certainly qualifies you as an honorary Thai driver.
  7. They should be able to implement your suggestion....they're certainly not short of 'retards' here.
  8. Why is it never amulet,rather than brake failure ? They need a catchy slogan to cover this,something like 'Because saving face is more important than saving lives'.
  9. My top of the range Nextbase Duo camera when played back on the computer gives a continuous GPS readout (so truly accurate) of the speed at any given moment in a graph and digital format alongside the picture. I can screenshot that so if that ever occurs I could contest it......if I could be bothered.
  10. 3BB have just run cable (no fiber available)into our village which only yesterday we signed up to paying 1400 baht deposit with installation in about ten days. The guys that came round said only the lower speed ADSL 30/5 would be available so no point signing up to the 50/10 I wanted. Seems a bit odd for a recently installed cable but maybe due to our location? I want to watch tv and ditch True when my 50% promotion ends. AIS worked fine as the mast was in our garden but unfeasibly expensive on a mobile package. Am I likely to be disappointed?
  11. That is my understanding from an online conversation via their website I had . So for example as my pension is claimable from May this year I decide not to claim it until May 2018 it will be payable at the rate appertaining at the review in April 2018 PLUS an uplift of 5.4% for the full year I didn't claim (this is calculated pro rata for other than full years) . Thereafter it is frozen at that rate until such time as I return to the uk. What this means for each year you put off claiming is that you get the benefit of whatever the triple lock formula increase allows, plus the uplift for a delayed claim. In rough terms say 8% assuming 2.5% annual increase which could be more given that inflation is forecast to increase. There are issues relating to the uplift not applying to the full amount depending on what element of your pension was due to being contracted out and whether you are under the new scheme but I won't complicate it further by factoring this in now!
  12. I've been using it on a two weeks tour from which I've just returned so haven't yet been able connect it up to my computer to see the playback on a larger screen,only playback via the split two inch screen inbuilt which is a bit small. From the reviews I read (perhaps try googling reviews of nextbase Duo) and that it is 720pHD zoom lens that is the idea. Quite often the c***s are following so close their number is hidden anyway!
  13. It works perfectly well in my pickup,mount behind the mirror with the rear facing left side camera just clearing the left edge of the mirror which will align it almost centrally with a clear view of the road through the rear screen. The front wide angle camera will then be dead centre . It's designed to work just like that and it does.
  14. It is a zoom lense that records approaching traffic through the rear screen as long as middle of rear seat is not obstructed . Each camera independently moves in a horizontal plane for adjustment while the whole camera body moves in the vertical plane. The screen is split showing rear and forward views simultaneously for fine adjustments . Very easy.
  15. Just got this brought out from uk. Doubt you'll get anything as good here.