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  1. Read on thai social media that she actually sells lottery
  2. No no no no ha ha, Buddhism here is about amulets and making merit to avoid hell and go to heaven.
  3. Well if the junta or democrats can really do a good job of running the country, nobody would want to join the red shirts anymore. Everyone would be busy making money n having a good secure life. I sure hope the Junta can eradicate the reds in this way rather than killing or jailing them.
  4. Good news for tourist n passengers who need a good, honest reliable ride.
  5. Pilot wasnt wearing his amulet. Dont mean to be sarcastic but the family does need a closure, RIP.
  6. if its the red shirts just leave it at that, but linking it to the money laundering case at Dhammakaya is just losing credibility..
  7. Well my wife who is rather well to do (not a bargirl) was driving around without a license for years b4 she met me. Her excuse? No time, need to make a living. She does not know what a blindspot or check blindspot is n when she saw me checking my blindspots she criticize me for it... till i put on thai language driving tutorials then she believe i had the real proper training from my country. I can agree to an extent for the really poor, but not all of them r really that poor. Maybe below average income. If u drive along bangna trad at night, u will see loads of teens racing around on their honda waves. There is almost a report of an accident every night involving a motorbike. not rural but urban. They cause danger not only to themselves but the public as well. R these 3000baht bikes? This was from my dashcam. I stopped to help becos no one would, hit n run, motorcyclist did not wear a helmet. Its the attitude that needs to be adjust. I sure hope the government comes up with a better plan to ensure proper training n also free training for those who cannot afford it. Then we sure see if everyone would comply. Even if the poor does not have a license, they would know what is safety. Not ride against traffic, wear a helmet, dont tailgate, dont squeeze between 2 vehicles. Everyone knows that is basic knowledge n knows how to criticize, but when they r on the vehicle, they will commit those very same offences they frown upon.
  8. well if the junta r truly going after both PTP and Democrats wealth, then its good reason for both to reconcile now, join hands and throw the Junta out. I see the plans for reconciliation now. Good Job Junta
  9. doesn't matter. the roadmap is for 20years according to the junta. we got that long to sort it out. by then most of them key players might not even be around anymore.
  10. I have been thinking and something does not add up. so after some research, I found some driving schools offering a 5 hour course for motorbike training and license plus all documentation work for getting a Thai license. It cost 2990 baht. A yamaha mio, fino or honda wave easily cost about 40k THB. if for 0% deposit and monthly payments might be about 2k to 3k for 1 motorbike. If a poor family is able to fork out 40k or 2-3k each month for a bike but unable to pay 2990THB for a 5hour training and bike license just doesn't sound right to me. Its not that I don't have sympathy but if they can afford a motorbike which cost 20times more than a 5hour training and bike license then I cannot help but think it might just be an excuse. of cos I don't know how well these lessons are conducted and its up to the government to work that one out. The really poor ones would be those who doesn't have a house or a even a motorbike to ride on. And then when tragic accidents happens, everyone points fingers at the government for not educating or doing or having harsh enough laws to help the traffic situation. but when policies are rules are being made, most complain its too hard to follow, everyone has to make a living, no time, no money. It really takes not just the government but also the citizens cooperation for the traffic situation in Thailand to improve. most times I see and read on Thai social media when an accident occurs most of Thais like to comment and condemn reckless behaviour but when they driving themselves, they are as dangerous as the people they condemn.
  11. the finance and monetary issue is definitely another issue and concern as well like you have pointed out. The well to do being able to do almost anything and everything. probably government subsidies or sponsorship should be looked into to provide free training for the poorer families.
  12. alot of Good points to agree. first off I would like to thank you for the love... but for this --- "I agree with you that 15 is too young to be on the roads, but the immediate response from the public would be 'how would our children get to school?' And it's a valid point" ---(my argument) or would you rather they never get to school? If I value my own child's life, i would never put him/her as risk at such a young age. just the other day my staff let her son of 15years take the bike out on a night against the father's wishes because she loves her son and wants to understand him being a teenager ( i do see her point in that ). the son and his friend came out of the Soi, drove against traffic, crash into another oncoming drunk motorcyclist. the son broke his leg. the bike was smash beyond repair. the friend was ok. the other motorcyclist hospitalise with no serious injuries. ( much worse could have happened ). my step-daughter of 16 takes the school van to school. me and my wife personally check n followed the van a few times to make sure the driver is not a dangerous driver.