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  1. I hope this country does not learn from Taiwan where the person runs n charges onto your car faking injury and asking for compensation. Yes, i have bought myself a dash cam already front n back. Cost 1800 from seacon square. Just front only is about 1300. Should consider wearing a body cam too lol.
  2. This is stupid, if u go to any shopping centre, night bazzaar, chatuchak, train market, who r the main bulk of nationalities there? Its Thai. I have 2 retail shops, so far only 3 caucasians girls have ever step into my shop n bought from me. Its the Thais that r driving the economy in thailand. Stop pushing the blame.
  3. Better change school. Girl will be mistreated by teachers at school after this.
  4. On fridays or eve of long weekends public holidays u can try switching on google map app n see the whole of bangkok turn red.
  5. I have seen the interviews of the disciples with Khun JomKwan on Thairath n they twist the truth n excuses for just not answering the charges. It was really hard to watch how misguided these disciples are.
  6. If u were a leader of a group or sect of ppl, then when the authorities come, u should step out 1st n stand in front of your disciples n protect them from any harm. Not that I am a Christian, but at least in the bible Jesus stood out n protected all his disciples n gave himself up when Judas betrayed him. Any leader that hides behind his followers n not lead by example is not worth following. I remember during my army training when we had to disembark from the helicopter, the top ranking officer always has to alight 1st even in enemy fire n lead his man out to battle.
  7. maybe thats where the money laundering comes in.
  8. I am sure some high profile rich people or criminals are involved in some money laundering with the temple as well. That is why they want to protect the temple at all cost. Why does any buddhist need any temple or structure to bow down n pay worship to any statues? I tot all you need is a bodhi tree for some meditation is enough.
  9. Some of these kids are so young they might not even have licenses to have it taken away. Parents should be punish by having the bikes and their licenses taken away and a big hefty fine so they feel enough pain to restrain and control their children.
  10. How does it feel to get ripped off for once BIB :)
  11. That was the form the monk change into n now the police have release him into the wild again! He has escaped right b4 their very eyes.
  12. 1kg of feathers equals to 1kg of iron, whether its 1gram cream or 1 gram powder, 1 gram is still 1 gram.
  13. Just give out the list of approved dealers n mete out a hefty fine if the device is not ok.