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  1. Plenty of room for saddlebags. I'd own one in a heartbeat.
  2. Really like the simplicity of that little bike ... 120kg / easy to service / fix if something should go wrong. A 400cc version might just sway me.
  3. Its doable ... but I wouldnt tell the hire people your plans as most dont like their bikes leaving the province. Back in 2006 I completed a 38 day 7600 km circumnavigation of Thailand on a 125cc Honda Dream scooter. It ran flawlessly … from 40 plus degrees and wide open throttle on the highway to climbing mountain switchbacks in pouring rain. Avg distance / day ~ 380 kms Longest ” / ” ~ 640 kms (ouch) Rest days ~ about nine Avg speed ~ 85 -90 km / hr Avg economy ~ 90 mpg Maintenance ~ Replaced chain and sprockets @ 11,500 klms Punctures ~ nil Good luck and safe riding.
  4. For an experienced rider, I don't consider Thai roads to be significantly more dangerous than most other places in the world. There are of course some local driving habits that may shock you at first, but with due caution and patience in your first few weeks on the road you will soon adjust to local conditions. Take care and enjoy some of the best roads in S.E Asia.
  5. Hmmn ... just like a restaurant, they can dish it out but never like it being returned.
  6. I had a good look around the bike and didn't see anything like that. Also begs the question if it had that ability why were the Yahama staff not using it? It just can't do it. Wheels are really close together at the front, so it would have trouble even if they made it with this feature I think. Sent from my iPhone using Thaivisa Connect Thailand I didn't really think that it had been overlooked ... suspension lock forks are fairly standard on mountain bikes from about $400 upwards which got me thinking why not here. I guess just not practical / possible with such a narrow wheelbase as you point out. I wonder how well this design would work well on steep and slippery trails ... I
  7. Interesting to see both side and centre stands on the accessories brochure. I wonder if there is a fork lock switch for parking purposes that no one has found yet ...
  8. I have been approached at least twenty times by the Philipino scammers in Phnom Phen ... They mostly work in pairs. The procedure goes like this ... 1) " I like your hat /shirt / shoes. " (initiates conversation) 2) " How long have you been staying here" (they target tourists and new arrivals and are likely to depart if you are not) 3) " Where are you from ... My daughter is going to your city to study nursing." ( Oh my goodness what a coincidence!) 4) " My daughter is nervous about living in your city ... Please come to our house for lunch to meet her and help ease her concerns." (where card scam takes place) I have played along a couple of times, even had them showing off their fake ID's ... but now I just ask them if they believe in Karma.
  9. I cut my teeth in the Katana era. radical styling for the time ... and I concede your point sword vs sword ... however i just cant get over the conflicting psychological imagery of gladiators and gladioli (flower) ... and I just can't see myself taking the "gladdy" for a spin. Instrument pod also reminds me of that alien camera head thing from the War of the Worlds movie. Otherwise I imagine its a pretty bloody good bike.
  10. Indeed ... Who thinks up these names? Gladius? Innazuma? Van Van? And where the hell is the nice little 100mpg retro TU250 thats been promised for a couple of years? Apart from the DL650 I'm rather disappointed with this offering.
  11. Obtained a Non 0 based on retirement this morning (51 yo Aus citizen). Be sure to have as much paper work as you can gather. Inbound and out bound flight bookings , Summary page of bank statement etc. Was also asked to write a short letter that illustrated my understanding of the need to exit the country every three months. Mon -Thurs 9.30 - 2.30
  12. Take your pick .... 1) Don’t argue with idiots because they will drag you down to their level and then beat you with experience. 2) Never argue with a fool; onlookers may not be able to tell the difference. 3) Answer not a fool according to his folly, lest thou also be like unto him.
  13. Yup, newbs with their "expert opinions" ... you gotta laugh.