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  1. Wrong. Check website SeatGuru, they show AA seating pitch and width similar to many airlines.
  2. A page out of The Trump Method of Governing.
  3. Vans are prevented from speeding? Ha ha ha, what a ridiculous and stupid excuse for avoiding GPS monitoring!
  4. Saying again ... What total waste of public money! Should be investing in infrastructure or education or health care.
  5. It's not the amount, it's the dishonesty. Most honest people get that.
  6. And...a real army or any army should not be governing a country.
  7. Oh yes, the authorities will now step in.... And fine him for working without a permit!
  8. Because that would be socialism and half of the US citizens and/or politicians think that's a sin. Fend for yourself in good times or bad is the Republican way. And to hell with wealth distribution via taxes and social programs like universal healthcare.
  9. What about Koreans from Korea and Japanese from Japan. Duh!
  10. PM: That's 2 sugar in my coffee, and make it quick!
  11. Fines used to tax deductible? Got to be kidding! Sheesh!
  12. Yes, these are all jobs and it presumes being hired or paid for such work. Building your own house with no employer or employment should not apply. Who or how is "work" being interpreted?
  13. 80% suffered at least one rejection, but the more practical question is what percentage of all taxi rides resulted in rejection.
  14. Love these troll posts. Bring on the Thai bashing.