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  1. The Immigration Police will say it's illegal because it IS illegal.
  2. Mainly for the condo and the location. My partner and I live here year-round and we started in Pratamnak, then moved to Jomtien. We liked both areas but found ourselves going to Pattaya sometimes 3 times a week so we ended up moving here. We like being a short walk to Central Festival to the south, a short walk to Central Marina to the north. Banks, barbers, movies, hospital, markets, lots of restaurants and shops all close by. Terminal 21 on the horizon. We are probably in Home Pro or Index once a week and they are nearby. Some fairly upscale hotels and condos in the area so an interesting mix of tourists and residents. But, we are the restless types so we could end up back in Jomtien or maybe give Naklua a try.
  3. 6 years ago when I arrived in Pattaya I would agree with you. Not any more. Don't know where you live in Pattaya but I am on Pattaya 2nd Road near Hard Rock Hotel and I am seeing all the groups that I mentioned. They're at the hotels and condos, they're walking on the street (one of the reasons I am always mentioning the bad sidewalks on 2nd Road), they're in the restaurants, they're on the beach, they're at the pool, they're in the malls. I think too many TV posters think Pattaya is just Walking Street and Soi 6. Do a little observation in other areas and you'll see what I am talking about.
  4. Good post. You only need to drive by the truly massive Terminal 21 complex rapidly going up to see that what Thaidream says is true. No way you sustain that with just sex tourists. I would only add that maybe more of the change is being driven by private industry rather than the government. New family-friendly tourist sites like Cartoon Network Water Park were in the planning stages some years ago. What we have now are young families everywhere. Yes, families! 20something female tourists--both Asian and white. Yes, female tourists in Pattaya traveling on their own! Young Chinese and other Asians coming in small groups by themselves--not in budget tour groups. Young couples obviously on honeymoon. Lots of Bangkok weekenders. Lots of retirees, including couples and even older, single women, living regular lives who like the beach vibe, the good hospitals, good restaurants/shopping, and Pattaya's proximity to Bangkok and a major airport. Despite what some have posted, Pattaya is, indeed, a beach resort--just look at the throngs of people on the Pattaya Beach promenade; all the people actually sitting on, yes, the beach on a nice day; all the people filling Central Festival, Central Marina, Royal Garden, etc. All the people filling all the new hotels and condos that have opened. Maybe a sad fact for Thai Visa posters but the sum total of the posters here who think Pattaya is just for sex and has nothing else to offer likely wouldn't fill a floor of one of those new hotels.
  5. Bravo. You can add my partner and me.
  6. Instead of being concerned with Pattaya's sex city image, the powers that be should be concerned with Pattaya's sidewalk image. How's the city looking from a sidewalk view? Answer: Lousy. Instead of wasting time and money hanging ridiculous 'Happy' signs, get to work on the things that matter and start with the sidewalks on the major tourist roads like Pattaya Beach Road, Pattaya Second Road and go from there. If you get rid of the parking on these major roads, you can expand the sidewalks, bury the overhead wires while you are doing it, and plant some shade trees. Private industry is spending some major money doing its part to make Pattaya a more diversified tourist destination--the government needs to step up to the plate and spend some major money, too. 2017 and still no sidewalks at all on some sections of Pattaya Second Road? Get started!
  7. Well, a little more protest. Obviously, you haven't read any of my posts except the one that responded to your post. If you had read them, you would find that they aren't all about real estate. You would find that I have said a number of times that renting is the better option for a lot of people--especially short-timers. You would find that I have mentioned what I think are some of the advantages of owning rather than renting but I have never encouraged anyone to go out and buy a condo. You would find that I have written more than once that if someone is thinking of buying a condo, it's very important to do the homework, to take time, and to try to buy wisely. You would find that in some of my posts I have tried to relay mistakes that I have made with condo buys so someone else doesn't maybe make the same mistake. For example, I posted a bad experience with a small, inexperienced condo builder so now I try to buy from large, established developers with a good track record. You would find that a lot of my posts--like my response to yours--are presenting another side to an issue--which all readers are welcome to take or leave. You said all the buyers have fled and the market is 'dead as a doorknob'--but offered no real evidence. I'm simply saying that is not my experience. Seems like the whole point of this forum is to get different points of view, different experiences--and I think that's what makes it interesting.
  8. Pity they don't do anything about the disgusting entrance to Walking Street--very narrow sidewalks in horrible condition, bad tacky entrance sign with crooked letters, bad lighting, bad pedestrian flow, bad new city building of some sort way too close to the road by the turn, no greenery, dirty, messy, etc. etc. etc. It's all really bad and needs a major makeover.
  9. On the other hand, I sold a condo in October 2016 to a gentleman from Singapore so I guess they haven't all fled. Sold a condo last month to a Thai gentleman so maybe Thai buyers shouldn't be overlooked. But, by all means, do continue to rent--I have a condo I rent out and I am glad there are plenty of renters!
  10. I counted just one unfinished building in your video--which looks like a small project not in any sort of a prime location. I would question that there are 'many' half finished condo projects. I can think of the project next to La Royale called Centara, Waterfront, Sea Max, that concrete 4 story shell from years ago visible from Sukumvit in the Na Jomtien area, plus a few that were halted before the construction stage like North Beach and Ocean 1. Some others are slowly limping along with their construction but haven't been abandoned and will probably eventually be finished. I'm sure there are other half finished projects I don't know of but all put together it doesn't seem like 'many' to me.
  11. All the condos I mentioned I think are at least 80% sold, not booked. Some are more than 90%. These are all relatively new condos so I would call that successful. With Cetus, The Base, Lumpini Park Beach, Baan Plai Haad, and, another successful condo I didn't mention, Centric Sea, the time to transfer the title deeds has passed. Unsold bookings were returned to the developer to be resold. For example, The Base, which was 'sold out' during construction, opened around last March and buyers had to either buy or return their bookings. The Base ended up with I think around 300 units to resell. Most of those have now been sold. I think Unixx bookers are approaching their deadline. I'm not sure about transfer dates for The Palm or Zire as I'm not that interested in that area but having been to their sales offices I think sales for both have been at least ok. Whether a building is 'sold out' is not that important in determining whether a building is successful or popular. View Talay 5 is both successful and popular but it still has units for sale. It's important to remember that even though there may be 'thousands' of unsold condos, they are not all in one condo complex, and certainly not in any condo complex that I would consider desirable. There are lots of condo complexes and most have some unsold units. When you add them all up you may get to that 'thousands unsold' number--but it doesn't mean much when you are talking about a specific condo complex. View Talay 5's unsold condos don't really effect the sale prices of the rest of the units. What mostly effects the price there is view, position in the building, foreign name, and condition of the condo. And, the unsold condos at that 'theme park' condo complex out in the boonies have no effect on the price for a high floor seaview condo in a desirable location.
  12. Correct. And, for NoBrainer and all the others who have stated that there are 'thousands' of unsold condos in Pattaya, I will reply that there are not thousands of unsold condos in well-located, well-developed condos that offer seaviews. Baan Plai Haad is nearly sold-out. Lumpini Park Beach has some units left but has been very successful, too, with many Thai buyers. The Base has only a few units left. Unixx, Zire, Cetus, and The Palm are all doing ok. If a condo has many unsold units, it likely shouldn't have been built in the first place. And, unsold units at undesirable Condo X doesn't mean that prices will fall at highly desirable Condo Y.
  13. So true. A popular building--and a well-designed and decorated condo within the building--is desirable for both Thai and non-Thai. I've sold 3 condos to Thais and I don't agree with the belief that Thais will not buy a 'used' condo.
  14. This is incorrect information regarding the minimum rent term. It is illegal to rent a condo for less than a month--it is in violation of the Thai Hotel Act. In addition, you would be violating the law by working without a valid work permit--you can't get a work permit for an illegal activity. Plus, you would likely also be violating your condo's by-laws--most have by-laws prohibiting short-term rentals. Many large condos are now posting notices explaining the Thai Hotel Act and informing their residents that rentals of less than a month are illegal. But, the OP plans to rent for 3 months so he should be ok.
  15. With a budget of 2MB I would consider Lumpini Park Beach on Jomtien Beach Road--also has an entrance on Second Road. Newer than the 2 complexes that you mentioned. You could probably get a 32sqm 1 bedroom seaview unit for around that price with a good floorplan and nice size balcony. Condo fee is a reasonable 20 baht a sqm and Park Beach has 2 big pools, nice gym, library, sky lounge, garage parking, beautiful grounds, laundry rooms, sauna, big lobbies, ample elevators, and right on the beach. Baht bus runs on right out front on Beach Road. Lumpini does a nice job of maintaining and managing their properties and Park Beach has a rental office that will rent your condo should you ever want to rent it. Worth a look, I think.