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  1. To sell a condo, the seller needs to provide a letter, from the condo management, to the land office stating that the condo fees are up to date, and within the 49% quota if a foreign title sale. Commonly referred to as a debt certificate.
  2. Drain the swamp, a little bit of fill, put up another block of condos.
  3. I cant believe I actually agree with NamKangMan, a first time for everything, lol. People cant see the irony in posting on an English (launguage) expat forum, about "not" seeking out people they have something in common with.
  4. OP, I know what you are looking for and I am sure there are some areas with a German population. A good indication would be the local restaurants etc, drive around and find the German Swiss etc restaurants and chances are thats a German expat place.
  5. I have a minix neo u1 box and it works great. Lots of software updates and their own supported version of kodi. I have had a couple of cheaper boxes and usually something is not right and no software updates etc.
  6. It sounds like its doing a couple of major android software updates, often software updates require the phone to be fully charged or on charge to complete. Try putting it on charge and turn on and let it complete the update. If its been off, like you say, for a long time, it may have a couple of updates to do. It may cycle through several reboots etc to complete.
  7. There is a transfer tax of 3-5% payable at the land office, usually split 50/50 but sometimes payed by the buyer or seller, negotiated during the price negotiations. Also, if you are buying in the foreign quota, the money needs to come from outside Thailand and you will need a document from your bank (FET) to show the land office.
  8. A straight forward sale between 2 parties using an agent or the condo managers, a lawyer isnt really needed as the agent will hold deposit and go to the land office etc, the agents helps both parties as its in their interest to have the sale completed. There are checks at the land office and the sale cant go ahead if the seller has a mortgage, unpaid condo fees etc.You literally dont hand over the money until the land office says you own the condo. It sounds like you may be buying direct from a developer which has more things to consider, is the block finished with a chanote (title deeds) issued etc. Buying from a developer usually means a more complex contract that may need a lawyer for. People have brought from a developer and 6 months later are still waiting for the chanote.
  9. the Thai buy and sell website. listed under business/food
  10. Too many New Zealand jokes, Not enough time.
  11. I dislike the phrase "Up to you". Like most, I took this literally at first, Can I bonk your sister? Is it ok if I dont come home tonight ? etc. "up to you". Like most, I soon learnt the correct phrase is, "up to you, if you would like to incur the wrath of a jealous, angry Thai girl".
  12. I know many many people who live normal lives in Pattaya and have nothing to do with the sex trade, myself included. So far as a city in Thailand, it offers me everything other places offer and some extras. Shopping malls, movies, restaurants coffee shops, the same as any other city in Thailand. Pattaya however, has more food, accommodation, leisure and hobby options than most places in Thailand, Most Thai people here speak English at a higher level than other cities in Thailand. My condo is full of Russian families and European couples, I go and watch sport, Go out with friends to drink, dance and watch live music, have hobbies, a normal life. A little hung over today because last night we had a BBQ on the beach, around 30 people from my wifes office and their western/Thai partners. Played Guitars, drank ate etc, Nothing to do with the sex trade. If the Govt finds it frustrating , then so do the people leading normal lives here.
  13. Thats not actually a scam, thats getting caught cheating on your partner. If you are not playing up on your partner then the scam/blackmail doesnt exsist.
  14. OP, was the MIL the oldest sister/child by chance, and the matriarch of the family ? That could possibly make the funeral more about the broader family and less about the immediate family. Also, if your wife is the eldest etc, the responsibility falls on her to be one of the main host/family representative at the funeral, meet and greet the relatives etc. At the FILs funeral, the MIL would have been host/grieving etc, at the MIL funeral your wife possibly did more of that role.
  15. I have heard about these "organised GFs", you meet a girl and she is very organised, never looses her keys, pays the bills on-time, doesn't forget birthdays etc. Would love to know what you are talking about OP ?? Maybe some examples of what you have heard, who is blackmailing etc.