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  1. which model of yoko? advan? or something else?
  2. It looks good. What are the tires? Can't say I like the wheels much though. The ones on the sedan are a bit nicer.
  3. I wish they would make up their minds. You know you have been in Thailand too long when you are waiting to be told what to think or do.
  4. The burgundy is very close to black in the photos. I don't like it that much as it looks like an off-black colour. It's too close to crystal black pearl (which I prefer, or the white). The should have made a bright colour as well - a red or a yellow. Mazda are much more adventurous in that way.
  5. Thanks, Found this http://www.autos.com/auto-repair/metallic-auto-paint-vs-pearl-car-paint According to the site, pearl paint looks different from different angle, but metallic does not. I guess the mica particles cost more than the metallic flakes of the metallic paint, though there could be other differences.
  6. Is the black metallic paint? I've always wondered why the price difference. I assume the content of the paint is different, but I've no idea.
  7. I guess they don't expect to sell many focuses, given they have chopped off 100K from the price.
  8. Cool...I hope to check it out at the Motor Show too. A neighbour has a new black accord and it looks real nice.
  9. I assume this was taken in Thailand? I like this kit with the black paint....but at least the white won't show orange peel as much.
  10. Get a house alarm. That's what we did after our night time robbery. Our situation was similar. Our house and a neighbour's house were getting some renovations done. Plenty of workers about. They talk....'must have money in the house to pay for this'. Fortunately they only took a few things and small cash. 3 other houses were also broken into but nothing was taken. Normally, our village is very quiet for break-ins. We have guards but they would be ineffective at 4am as the patrols are not frequent. Get an alarm (door.window sensors and movement) and lock you bedroom door at night.
  11. Were they yokohama advan db or something else? Those would be very quiet.
  12. The english test aside, thee is a mismatch between regular issue government textbooks and the level of questions in the exams. I've been going over the the M3 and M6 mathematics exams recently. There's nothing really all that wrong with the questions. The problem is that most of the questions are generally quite difficult and are only a challenge for the top 20% of students in a class. The rest of the students are just guessing and ticking a box. The tests are not well balanced in that regard. They should be testing a range of skills and knowledge, with some easier, mid, and harder problems. I'm extracting most of these questions and integrating them into my lessons (especially for M3) - This is an EP, though. My best english student finished the english M3 in 30 mins (90 min test) and had already checked the answers three times. This test was very difficult for the students in the regular program though.
  13. I thought that was a rule too....its just another of the thousands on the books they don't enforce because the police are too busy collecting tea money than enforce the laws.
  14. I assume it has a reversing camera.