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  1. What a pity Amnesty International misunderstands that the junta “road map” towards achieving sustained democracy, social harmony and lasting stability requires the punishing and banning of peaceful political dissent, the prosecution of politicians and activists critical of the junta and the torturing and treating prisoners poorly. It is good that the Foreign Affairs Ministry brings them up to speed with a good verbal flogging.
  2. "The Team" should expand on this new idea of using Line and bring in Pokemon to help spread the word of the Mr. Grumpy.
  3. Like Thailand, Cambodia is one of the members of free trade ASEAN group so why an increase to "import" tax? I suspect this is one of those "taxes" that goes into the hip pockets of the Thai border officials.
  4. Tourist are going elsewhere. Vietnam is flooded with them. Much safer place to visit.
  5. No one should be surprised. How any creature or sea life can survive in the cesspit of the Gulf Of Thailand is beyond me. Kilometres of floating plastic and centimetres thick of sludge and pollution on the coral reefs. Sea life in the Gulf has little hope. But never mind there is always a fast baht to be made from innocent tourists who feed starving fish.
  6. PM Prayut and his government are not much inclined to take notice of referendums or the people's wishes. They will do what they wan't to do regardless of anyone else.
  7. So the Vice Chairman of the FTI Suparat Sirisuwannangkura has fessed up that things in Thailand are not so good after all. To be sure he will be dragged away for re-education.
  8. So it is confirmed. Article 44 will be in control of Thailand. All hope has gone! So sad.
  9. And this junta railway head honcho will now transform the decrepit Thai railway system into a new modern world recognised transit rail system in the blink of an eye. This military government is a laugh a minute.
  10. And washing the monks undies, assuming they wear them.
  11. ".....Pattaya was the sex capital of the world and 1 in 5 of its female population were sex workers" Some might say that 1 in 5 of the Pattaya RTP were monthly collectors of "insurance" from these same establishments he is complaining about.
  12. So is Deputy Prime Minister Visanu Krua-ngam intending to sue the monks and strip them of their assets. This circus is moving into another higher level stage of "crazy".
  13. I hear in Vietnam of many examples of International travel companies re-directing tourists away from Thailand into Vietnam. TAT needs to go check the "visa on arrival" counters at HCMC and Hanoi if they have any doubts.
  14. Thailand can scramble as much as it likes for foreign investment but the fact remains foreign investors do not like investing in countries that are controlled by military governments. There are too many negative issues with sovereign risk and having a successful business stolen from them (Australian gold mine) and having to accept minority ownership (Thai 51%) being the most serious. The PM can use all the gushing persuasion he can muster but it is doubtful he will get many serious potential investor knocking on his door.