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  1. So why the hell would he want to live there? Duh
  2. An u think that's ok do u? Send em bac to their Issan farm village to pick their families vegetables. Fools.
  3. An not forgetting the 2 Burmese Koh Tao guys who are sitting on death row wrongly accused while that mafia son is still strolling around the island.
  4. Well u can add on Clapton E5 where this Islamic guy once lived.
  5. If u must know, he's from Jamaica.
  6. Agree I'm from London an it is.
  7. Yes I'm from London, An i drove over that bridge nearly everyday whilst working. I was also in the vicinity of Liverpool st stn when that bomb went off yrs ago in city of London. A scary experience. An I agree this so called London mayor should resign. He's as bad as them a complete A....e.
  8. Well arnt u a brave lad, u must live out in a barn in issan.
  9. Why? He's saying what is true. There are a lot of old farangs living here on their own with not much to do. Drinking an prob on a tight budget. Luckily I'm not one of those yet. I'm also staying up in Maesot over the mountains other side of Tak for a while & yes it is bloody hot but I don't mind it.😁
  10. Aha it's that famous Thai excuse again Brake Failure. More like dozed off, drunk or drugged up or on mob phone. I'll go with the 1st two. 😴😴🍺🍺🍺
  11. Doesn't mean she has to act like a 10yr old schoolgirl. She's made herself look even more stupid than she really is. Loss of face hahaha.
  12. Wot a pathetic woman think she's above everyone, needs a good slap. She's not friends with that nutty Thai woman ex judge is she? 😈😈😈