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  1. Thanks Eyecatcher. As you can see from the attached photos the glass is embedded in the top and bottom metal parts with no access and the right hand screw to the top hinge plate cannot be accessed with the door in place! The whole thing is very heavy plate glass and heavy metal. My best bet is probably to drive round and find a shop/house getting fitted out and get the outfitters details.
  2. Rat lover!
  3. It's in the vegetable section under 'ratatouille'! But somebody had to use the word on this thread at some point.
  4. Thanks for the response CMkiwi but I should have made it clear that this is a hinged door, swings both in and out (normally) with a lock on the bottom corner away from the hinge which locks downwards into a whole in the floor. The end with the lock used to swing freely both inwards and outwards with a clear gap between the door bottom and the floor. The door has suddenly sagged and will not open out ward (slight floor gradient on the outside) and scrapes the floor when opening inwards. The base plate has VPP in big letters on it, if that helps anybody! Hope that clarifies the problem
  5. Urgently need a tradesman to come and fix a ‘sagging’ glass door with internal lock. Something seems to have sheared and the door is now dragging on the floor. Am terrified that whatever is now holding it up also shears and am left with no way of securing the entrance to the shop/house. Also in need of someone to do routine maintenance on a standard metal roller shutter. Been in situ approx 20 years with no maintenance whatsoever! Location is the Pantip Plaza area. If anyone has any contact details could they please PM me. Help would be much appreciated. Thanks in advance.
  6. I don’t know if this is an ‘Urban Myth’ or not. I seem to remember being told of a scheme, back in the early 2000's in CM or all Thailand, where there was a bounty (don’t know how much) on handing in rat corpses but it collapsed when locals set up rat breeding farms just to collect the bounty!
  7. This is my point. I do not believe that 'Scorecard' can just turn up at the point of exit with his old passport and a brand new passport on which immigration have not carried out their usual processes. I have had new replacement passports, not duplicates they are different, issued both here and other non domicile countries and they have needed local Immigration input before use. I hope I am wrong and it all goes well but I still recommend 'Scorecard' gets further professional advice.
  8. Did you do this free of charge at an exit point or at an Immigration Office?
  9. Assuming of course that the information given is accurate and the 'Thai Exit Point' personnel agree with that info and action it accordingly. Fingers crossed the info is correct. I had to restart a complete work permit/re-entry process at great expense etc as the result of 'miss-information/advice'. I am no expert but if I were 'Scorecard' I would get some more advice, written if possible.
  10. Are there any facts to back up this thread? The title uses the phrase ‘expected to rise dramatically’ and the first page quotes a source reported that’ the cost of lighting up is likely to’ The use of the words ‘expected’ and ‘likely’ imply we are not discussing facts. Are there any official English language translations of these ‘facts’?
  11. We have enough obstructions on the so called pavements/sidewalks now! Can you imagine a wheelie bin outside every door front and would the mobile food stalls tow their own wheelie bins away with them? Wheelie bins are only collected in the UK, at best, once a week and in some places, depending on the green credentials of the bin only once a month! I could only see them working here if they were put out every night, after midnight, and collected before 6AM daily. I would love to see it but I am not holding my breath!
  12. I hate to be pedantic but the poor old rat gets a bad press over the ‘Black Death/Bubonic plague. It is not the rat which carries the virus but the infected fleas that furry animals carry! Bubonic plague is mainly spread by infected fleas from small animals. It may also result from exposure to the body fluids from a dead plague infected animal or human being. In the bubonic form of plague, the bacteria enter through the skin through a flea bite and travel via the lymphatic vessels to a lymph node, causing it to swell
  13. Just a few observations on your three posts on this topic and your posting in general. 1. In the last six months you have not made a single positive comment. In fact most are US related and nothing to do with Thailand. 2. Why out of the 39 responses/posts to your original post do you pick on the two you have quoted. Me thinks you are the one who is upset and sensitive, not me 3. Your two attacking responses above to two perfectly reasonable opinions by two different people/posters are probably enough to drive most people away from this site and seem to be pointed to just that object or is it just to get further responses to keep the (trolling) subject alive.
  14. I believe you are referring to a company called 'G4' who are on Floor two. Just enter as usual but turn left away from the ground floor Imm office and take the escalator up to level 2. The G4 office says just G4! no advertising as to their services. I have not used them myself, I use an in city agent, but from comments I have read on this site they should be able to do the job for you. Hope this helps.
  15. To the OP. What is the point of the post? If this site is irrelevant to you just ignore it. Let those of us who use it continue to do so without your interference. Go post elsewhere and leave us in peace! Call me a ‘conspiracy theorist’ if you wish but is there any chance this is a ‘Promotional' Troll on the behalf of a sponsor? By starting a post to decry the whole purpose of the site is the OP just generating advertising income by getting us all to respond? We will soon find out as the Topic will either be shut down by the Mods as a result of the anti Mod comments that will obviously prevail (wrongly in my opinion as they do a good job) or this post/comment(s) will be removed and the topic will run for many pages. Interesting to see what happens to this topic.