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  1. Grab one of the 9 karat condos on auction, i think they allow dogs.
  2. The quoted prices include VAT but will have on the road costs added, maybe @ 2,000 baht and theft insurance if you want it (optional) @ 2,000 baht. Best to avoid paying by instalments if you can, the interest is VERY high. It's 1.9% per month not per year.
  3. I was thinking about one of these but couldn't stand that ghastly canary yellow it comes in. Also it doesn't have smart entry or auto a/c. Otherwise the Yaris is a pleasant eco car on a par with it's competitors. The power is OK, certainly around town and economy of 14-18 kpl depending on conditions.
  4. But it's in Bangkok, nothing exists outside of Bangkok does it.
  5. I have the M3, a great tablet, perfect size 8.4 ins. Mine came with a nice cover and good headphones, for under 11,000, which is way cheaper than say a Samsung or Apple. You will love it, very good quality.
  6. I recently switched from an Asus to a Huawei Mate 8, which i guess is similar. The phone is fantastic, the best i have ever owned, way better than the Asus or top end Samsung. I would never go back now. Why would you need servicing on a new phone?
  7. Best cheap bed is from a shop at the top of Pattaya Klang next to Sukhumvit, sorry forget name. Much better than Index etc.
  8. My tgf used to live there. It was a dump really, albeit with a nice pool. You would have to be desperate to want to buy a condo there, maybe as one to rent though.
  9. Was the only evidence against the man the testimony of 2 young children? unbelievable.
  10. They have a shop in Tukcom as well which i use.
  11. I've travelled around most of Thailand and there doesn't seem to be much difference in the cost of living, except maybe housing. If you look at your main outgoings, food, beer, utilities, insurance, gas, internet, clothes etc i can't see one area being so much cheaper than another. Even housing apart from Bangkok there are not major variations. I bet i could live as cheaply in Pattaya as Chiang Rai.
  12. Are Scottish women that hard? maybe wee Krankie.
  13. Best of luck bringing your thai girlfriend/barfine home on the back of a bicycle.
  14. With petrol/gas at only 28 b/l you would have to be crazy to drive around with a bomb in your car.
  15. Even if you have a bike/car do you really want to be driving when you go out for a drink at night. If so your stay will be very short.