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  1. Really you don't need an entire day to visit Phanom Rung. While the driving times are usually what takes most of the time in Isaan, the actual time at Phanom Rung can be cut short if you don't climb the long stairs. Just drive up to the top instead.
  2. Buriram there is Khao Phanom Rung and Prasat Muang Tam. Worth seeing and doesn't take an entire day. Also have Suan Nok Bird Park. A nice place to relax and see some birds, there is a very strange resort at the bird park with all kinds of statues and stuff set up maybe 20 years ago for a boy scout camp. It's entertaining enough for a visit and the reservoir is a good place for a sunset. If you want a decent barbecue, head to the Thunder Castle and there is a few nice cheap places just to the east of it opposite the parking lots. If you want to get away from it all, head to Prakhon Chai and a Belgian guy there and his wife has a fishing park Time Out Fishing Park, kind of in the middle of nowhere, if it's still there. They also rent rooms out there. Some really nice farangs live out that way and it's country life so the vibe is good, very friendly place and an easy trip from Phanom Rung. Even if your not fishing, there is a bar and the owner and anyone there is always up for a friendly chat. In town there is Bamboo Bar is more of a expat/locals party spot sometimes with live music. It's very relaxed and friendly everywhere you go.
  3. In Buriram city there is Rinradee Place is a nice apartment style Thai hotel with a restaurant and near a few Thai nightlife venues. Just don't walk across the field at night, stick to the roads, there are snakes in the field. And of course, beware the dogs. That goes for everywhere in Isaan.
  4. I used to travel in Isaan a lot and Buriram is a very nice city and province. There is actually some nice things to do around the province if you have a car. Khon Kaen I don't know much about the province, just the city. The city itself is very nice. I stayed there several times and always enjoyed my time there. Maha Sarakham I've only seen from a bus window. Udon Thani province has a lot of interesting places. Car or motorbike needed to explore outside of the city. Have to say I miss Isaan, it was always a place I'd spend a few months just to wander around and sometimes find a place to stay awhile. Many of my best memories in Thailand were during the times I spent in Isaan. Especially Buriram, Surin, Udon and Nong Khai 5-8 days is not enough in my opinion. If that is all you have, you might as well focus on Maha Sarakham and Khon Kaen. Google map it and find some interesting places to go.
  5. If you've already engaged in contact with him, you'll be tough pressed when you ignore him. But yeah, ignore the guy and just turn your back to him if he does bother you. That or pretend your his friend and take him on a road trip to Roi Et, Kalasin, or Beung Kan and leave him up there. Get him well and drunk at a karaoke bar the night before and be sure you get on the early bus out of there. As long as he doesn't have the baht to leave, he'll be stuck there for awhile. Not saying he won't make it back to your soi, but actions speak louder than words.
  6. Could always have big steel gates that closes during the red light, which prevents incoming traffic from entering. Lots of gates everywhere and hire people to operate the gates manually and search every individual and vehicle before allowing them to go through the gates.
  7. He might take it wrong and lose face. That could be a dangerous outcome.
  8. They should target the hoons year round, not just during Songkran.
  9. Is it time for Songkran again already?
  10. It's food, eat it. Don't listen to the farang.
  11. Ask him if he wants to go on a trip to Roi Et with you and leave him there when the bus stops.
  12. coke and pepsi taste different?
  13. After reviewing the video and using my detective skills, I recon that the driver of the car going way too damn fast and wreckless was just heading home and that the deceased was in the wrong for doing a U Turn in front of him. He didn't want to kill anyone, someone just got in his way. Case closed.
  14. Of the 3 suspects. From left to right. You have teary eyed "Oh shit I screwed up badly", In the middle there is "This sucks, My mom is gonna be pissed", and on the right is "don't F*#&@n look at me" Which one is most likely to walk.... The guy on the far right.