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  1. My Kawasaki ZZR 1100 couldn't do that in 3rd, 6th yes, what are you riding ?
  2. I don't know about 200kph, but it sure did look as if he was in warp mode............
  3. Its all about negotiating, my wife doesn't want me to have a mistress, fair call, I appreciate her honesty and respect that, so I just have my one night stands whenever I am in the touristy areas, not often enough though, might have something to do with living in the sticks, and that probably suites us both
  4. When your done slapping the crap out of her, let me know as I would like to also slapping whatever crap is left out of her, we can then post it on social media and all have a good laugh, including the service station attendants cheering us on in the background.
  5. If the BMW wasn't travelling at warp speed, he might have actually been able to avoid hitting and killing the guy making the u-turn, yes accidents do happen, and he could have well been killed himself, but we all play an equal role on the roads to drive saftely, to add, the 28 year old driving the BMW was on his way home, he would be familiar with the road, and I am sure he knows the spot, the problem here IMO is that the majority of Thai drivers that I have come across wear blinkers when speeding, and do not slow down, even in built up areas, like I said, we all have a role to play driving safetly, it is a weak excuse to only say that the deceased turned in front of him at point blank, it would be fairer to also say if the BMW wasn't going as fast as he was going, he might have had time to apply his brakes and stop, or avoid the collision, or lesson the impact so that the other driver might be alive today, two wrongs don't make a right.
  6. Zzzzzzzzzzz.....Oooooooo........Zzzzzzzzz..........Oooooooo
  7. Had to be a weapon, no fists, and had to come back to finish him off, bring back the death penalty
  8. No doubt he has a spare 3 million baht lying around. Suspended license for 5 years, sure, but a lot of Thai's drive without licenses in the north-east and unregistered vehicles/motorcycles because they can't afford to pay for them or are just too lazy, and the penalties are just about nothing, I might add, but that's another matter. One year in jail, maybe add the 5 years probation to it and he might, just might keep his rear view clear in the future. Terrible way to go for the lady, RIP
  9. I find using gears to slow down when required to be more suitable on the stretches since you asked why "I never apply brakes" and yes I consider myself a good driver, never having had an accident in my 40 years on the road, driving and riding.
  10. Accidents are accidents, they will always happen, he is as equally at fault as is the BMW driver who was travelling at what appeared to be warp speed, now figure this, the BMW driver was on his way home, so he knows the road and the black spot, who in their right mind would travel that fast being fully aware of the spot where cars do U-turns and or turn right into the side street. The deceased driver obviously didn't see him as he went to do a U-turn (happens all the time), being absent minded leads to accidents, but had the BMW driver been driving at a more appropriate speed, the result may have been that the guy who is deceased, might have been around to hug his family once again, like I said, no one deserves to die in an accident. I drive, I stick to the speed limit, I know where black spots are on long stretches, and have never had to apply my the brakes because I know when to slow down to avoid such accidents, as apart from wear blinkers like most horses here when they are bolting to get from A to B only to be seen at the same set of traffic lights a few kilometres later.
  11. What are you talking about, Som Nam Na, how low can you be, yes he was at fault, but it was an accident, no one deserves to die in an accident. RIP
  12. Easily fixed, make it a death penalty in say 3-5 years, they can have their appeals and whatever, however in those 3-5 years of not being able to prove their innocence, then to death with them. As for the ones that are caught on camera, waste no tax payers money on keeping them alive for 3-5 years, death straight after the trial, the whole point I was making is that in wars, millions are killed, no one is really held accountable, the ones that are, get life anyway, so why not the death penalty, surely will make people think twice about what they are about to do.
  13. But a start in the right direction, 1 down how many would think twice before trying to abduct a child if they knew it would be an instant death sentence, I cannot believe that politicians around the world stop the death penalty because I hear, "no one has the right to kill someone else" well if it fits the crime, kill them, no doubt there will be ocassional stuff ups, but the numbers game should prevail whipping the scum from this earth, think about it, in wars how many innocent people are killed, and these politicians are worried about making an ocassional mistake, <deleted> !
  14. I agree its a little over the top, but so was all of the kicks to the guys head, so death penalty to me means, I won't miss them one little bit