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  1. You, you, no wait, have a taxi service!!! *gasp* ONE whole bloody hour again, I'd waited for the tiny 'chicken bus' here on The World's Tourist Destination Phuket. That or minimum FIVE HUNDRED BLOODY BAHT. ANYWHERE. Stupid Ignorant Corrupt As Cuntry.
  2. I keep seeing this 'freedom', primarily related to speech in other countries, predominantly the US, and when I first arrived here over 20 years ago I'd hadn't really noticed the lack thereof, excepting of course to the holy institution, and it hadn't bothered me so much. But as time has worn on, I've seen the effects on what should by now be a more progressive society, with the free exchange of ideas. This country has been regressing for some years now and is at the point of No Return. There is no going forward with this particular junta. Whomsoever may have led this country where it should be had been strangled at birth in 1932. It truly is sad in 'what might have been', now never will.
  3. And Thailand doesn't have one!! Duh.
  4. The only people the Thai military have had to fight are their own people. Bunch of cowards who'd rather run if faced with any real threat from any other country. Doubt submarines would be of any use here. Better to use Lese Majeste and Defamation. Far more effective for this pathetic pussy footing race.
  5. Whilst I'd 'liked' your post, it then immediately occurred to me that perhaps homo sapiens should stay the fck away from anywhere there are other species making this planet their bloody home also. Just a thought.
  6. This is what passes for 'news' on here now. Pathetic
  7. Neither do you. Watch my lips THEY DON'T CARE. 'They' live in a completely different world to the likes of you or anyone else and are immune to anything which doesn't pop their bubble. Clear enough for you?
  8. No. He means 'except Lisu activists or anyone attempting to stymie his/their agenda'. wtfu
  9. Ah, a typical thaivisa conundrum. On the one hand he appears to be a, (let's not mince words) one of the many pieces of shit seeking sanctuary here,thus worthy of censure, But! on the other hand he's a'victim of Thai xenphobia with kids an' that, but on the other hand, well, he's British Godammit, despite looking like his profile. All that aside, this forum is scraping the barrel on 'news' much alike the junta. Yawn.
  10. Stop murdering and consuming other sentient creatures, problem solved.
  11. Anyone remember that infamous photo of Thai police and forestry officials drinking whisky surrounded by wild animals they'd just killed and smiling for the camera? Whatever happened to them do you think. String the bastards up. I'd pay to come and watch and I'm anti death penalty. Barbarians.
  12. They aren't?
  13. Will the same authorities who oversee the regular 'cleanups' be employed to ensure tourists aren't scammed? You know, the ones with wands wings trailing fairy dust?