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  1. 11,702 profile views. I didn't know I was that handsome!
  2. When you're in charge, we'll do it your way. Until then...
  3. What would be the IO's motivation to do this?
  4. Thanks for the heads up all
  5. I buy all mine from the US and have them shipped here. You could check out Peera Pharmacy near Hoterl M, but my memory is that they were more expensive than the US. Good question, though. I'm not sure what the Thais do.
  6. I have USD, CNY, HKD, and SGD fx bank accounts at Bangkok Bank on Thapae Rd in CM. It did take some time as they had to send everything to Bangkok.
  7. LOL. Not sad at all. I'm a realist.
  8. Yes, like "Trump will win the nomination" and "Trump will win the general election" which were also met with derision from TV "geniuses" like yourself.
  9. We are going to find out.
  10. You do know Obama was president for 8 years and did nothing to correct that?
  11. I will continue to post the truth no matter what you want.
  12. Bangkok Bank
  13. Dick Morris correctly predicted President Trump's victory, as an example. His background includes working for the Clintons when they were in power. Anyway, as I said, your guy is going down. Maybe he and Hillary can share a unisex jail cell, Trump's nod to the libs. BTW, I got the same kind of feedback here on TV when I predicted Trump would win the primary and when he would win the general election. I'm sure you guys will scatter when Obama ends up on trial.
  14. Try listening to it again, this time with ears and mind "open." Let's face it; your guy is going down.