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  1. Sorry for not having been more selective in choosing the 'right' forum. The response from 'grollies' answered my query and there's no need for moving my original post. Thanks for your concern.
  2. Thanks for the brief lesson in hydraulics; I'll be guided accordingly.
  3. I wish to install a low-pressure irrigation drip system that uses the gravity method. The area is about one (1) rai and I am planning to use/install a 2000 liters overhead water tank in the center of the land. What is the recommended height of the tank above ground-level in order for the water to drip effectively covering the entire the area of the land?
  4. Which model of water pump is nowadays considered most reliable and/or is preferred by country dwellers - the 'good old' WP or the newer CP or IP?
  5. What's the basis of your BTU calculation? The BTU calculator I found does support the recommendation made by HomePro.
  6. It's a split system.
  7. All mechanical structures such as motors, fans etc. produce vibrations - it's a frequency thing. The drumming/sound effect is probably much less noticeable if an aircon mounted on a masonry structure.
  8. I wish to mount an 25000 btu air-conditioner unit to a wood-frame structure but am very concerned about vibration and drumming sound/effect of the wall negating a good nights sleep. I was wondering if the good people here could provide some first hand experience to either support my fear or otherwise and/or provide a fix eliminating the noise generated by the vibration prior mounting an air conditioner to a wood-frame structure. Or might it be better installing a floor-mount unit (wooden floor) on a thick rubber base instead of a wall-mount aircon? Thanks.
  9. Wow, you sure have an impressive download speed! I.e. 30 - 40 Mb/s = 28.6 - 38.2 MiB/s. 3BB reset my connection only yesterday and my ADSL download speed has improved by a meagre 1.2 - 1.7 MiB/s. I realize that my Internet service package is different to yours thus don't compare 'apples with apples' but am considering now upgrading to VDSL :-) I can't offer any other suggestion to improve your seeding issue but you may wish try switching temporarily to qBittorrent and compare overall performances. If you do, just ensure the port used for incoming connections is in 49160-65534 range as the default port connection is much lower, more info here: Good luck!
  10. In think you are safest using a router that you purchased on your own and avoid any other equipment provided/available from any ISP. It's misguided economics using a free or discounted router from the ISP as you already spend a considerable amount on a computer, inmho. By using the details in the ISP provided document together with the router's set-up wizard your router should functioning swimmingly. In order to tackle the seeding issue I'd double check relevant settings in the bittorrent client and/or get assistance from their technical people/forum (or in your case from the private tracker). Moreover, ensure (doublecheck) the details for correctness you have entered into the router's Basic Setup, i.e. Physical Type, DSL Mode, DSL Modulation etc.. Which Internet Connection (Encapsulation) Type does the 3BB document show to use (e.g. RCF 2516 PPPoE)? Could you also please reveal to which package you you opted for and your current improved average download speed?
  11. Have 3BB provided you with new set-up details to configure the router from ADSL to VDSL?
  12. Gee, I am glad coming across this thread! I have the cheapest ADSL connection available with 3BB and am experiencing a significant decrease of download speed since yesterday. Normally I get about 1200-1500 MiB when downloading torrent related material which is now reduced to a meagre 180 - 400 KiB. I reside in Pattaya and never received notification to either change or upgrade to VDSL. Since my router (Linksys AC750 X6200) is suitable for both ADSL and VDSL I guess it's time to change and hopefully get back my original download speed.
  13. Flawed reasoning. You wouldn't publicize your e-mail password(s), would you? It is however most essential to read thru the terms of agreement issued by the provider of the vpn and comprehend the written words & their consequences.
  14. Location has absolutely nothing to do with Internet privacy/security!
  15. I live near the Sunset condo on Sukhumvit (Ban Ampuhr). My 3BB Internet connection dropped dead last Saturday and can't get any status report from the friendly people manning their call centre. I am using an aircard to connect to the I'net. Anybody got insight/status on this outage?