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  1. Trump rejects DHS intelligence report on travel ban Officials in President Trump’s administration Friday downplayed an intelligence report by the Homeland Security Department that contradicts the White House’s main arguement for implementing a travel ban on seven predominantly Muslim countries. The report, which was viewed by The Wall Street Journal and Associated Press, determined that the "country of citizenship is unlikely to be a reliable indicator of potential terrorist activity." The Trump administration has taken the position that immigrants from seven Muslim-majority countries should be blocked from the U.S. due to their terror risk.
  2. What working system did it replace? And the accusation of laziness is simply bizarre. These people come to the USA to work hard backbreaking jobs that Americans won't do at wages that Americans won't accept. And this is your idea of laziness? You must be a citizen of Oppositeland.
  3. It seems that you are under the impression that Mexico was formerly a part of the USA and successfully fought itself free of it.
  4. You should really acquaint yourself with the concept of Purchasing Power Parity.
  5. what are "equal tariffs"?
  6. And Trump is against raising it.
  7. On the average, every working day, roughly 75000 Americans are laid off or fired. By the most generous estimate Trump has saved a few thousand jobs. That's just a fraction of jobs that are lost daily. It's what should be called fake policy. Basically, it fools people who are clueless about numbers. Real policy is something Trump hasn't got a clue about.
  8. Here's a link to UNHCR data
  9. Our first assignment from Alex Jones. Welcome to the Forum!
  10. Just like we showed the Iraqis. Shock and awe.
  11. Actually, it's costing New York a lot more. Foreign inquiries for USA tourism have gone down since Trump was elected. Since NYC is the number one tourist destination, that loss will probably be far greater than the security costs.
  12. I think you've solved the enigma of Donald Trump. He comes from another planet.
  13. They did considerably more than slap the USA in the face during the US occupation of Iraq.
  14. Well, a little digging would tell you that Celebrate Mercy explains itself this way: "CelebrateMercy aims to teach and instill the love of Prophet Muhammad's life and character through its interactive webcasts and videos, among Muslims and friends of other faiths." And there's also this from their facebook page: "Celebrate Mercy's founder Tarek El-Messidi discusses the #RestInPeace campaign on AJ+: Muslims raising money to repair a vandalized Jewish cemetery. Learn more about the campaign here:" It's clearly an outreach done in the name of Islam. As for actually identifying the religious identity of each of the donors, how would you suggest that they do this?
  15. Nobody comes close to lying like Donald Trump.