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  1. Actually, that figure is for large group markets. Otherwise it's 80/20.
  2. Actually, he'll be reaping the benefits while he's still holding his part-time job.
  3. Possibly a troll. Quite possibly.
  4. As some of you may have read, Trump is denying that he ever promised that the repeal and replacement of Obama would take place quickly. Here is an article that links to the multiple recorded times that Trump said just that.
  5. What he was really trying to do was give a big tax cut to the wealthy who are now paying a surtax to help subsidize the cost of insurance for those who can't afford to pay the full premiums. This was really a tax cut bill disguised as a health care bill.
  6. The construction phase, though, is expected to take only one to two years. After construction, the pipeline would employ a lesser number, primarily for maintenance. The total number of long-term jobs: about 50.
  7. A must-read from ex-Republican Josh Barro The Republican healthcare plan just failed because Trump is bad at making deals We know from what we've seen of Trump's tax returns that he lost a great deal of money in the 1990s and that he was making a great deal of money by the mid-2000s. Not coincidentally, over this period Trump shifted the focus of his professional endeavors away from businesses that were heavy on dealmaking and toward businesses that were heavy on marketing, particularly arrangements in which he would rent his name to somebody else who was actually in the business of developing real estate... And Trump's lack of talent for dealmaking is going to be a major liability for him in office.
  8. To translate: my arguments are weak so in order to save face I'm bugging out but I'll claim it's a principled stand. It's not only Asians obsessed with saving face.
  9. Actually, she looks just as American as any other American.
  10. It's funny. When conservatives complain about the court system, the examples they cite are of private citizens suing large entities. The fact is that the huge increase in court cases stems mostly from corporations suing each other and using every trick to slow down the legal process.
  11. Right now, the USA runs a huge surplus in tourism revenue. I suspect that surplus is going to decline quite a bit.
  12. Yes, there have been some studies about what was the most profitable activity corporations could engage in. The winner by in terms of rate of return was lobbying.
  13. Yes because they hate the idea of slashing taxes on corporations and taxes on the .01 percent. Really? And deregulating firms like Goldman Sachs so they can once again bloat up while plunging the world economy into another financial disaster.
  14. The reason why single payer for the USA is currently unrealistic has less to do with the AMA, insurance companies or whoever than it does with the fact that most Americans get their health insurance from their employers. So if you try to impose a single payer system, most people are going to very unhappy about that. Why would they want to take a chance on a new system when most are reasonably satisfied with what they've got now. It's really a political nonstarter. You could, of course, make it a voluntary single payer system like medicare, but that would tend to attract the very unhealthy, thereby making it very costly. This is why Obamacare is structured the way it is. If you're going to insure people with preexisting conditions, then the only way to accomplish that is financially feasible is to have healthy people in the insurance pool. Hence the mandate for everyone to get insurance. But since not all people can afford the insurance you need to have subsidies. What most people don't realize is that employer sponsored insurance is in effect structured the same way. While the benefit is, in theory, of equal value to all employees at a particular company, in effect, the young healthy workers are subsidizing the older, less healthy workers. It's notable that Obamacare tends to work much better in states that supported it form the getgo than in states that opposed it. The problems could easily be remedied by a cooperative congress. As it is, for all the publicity about rates shooting up, the fact is that the amount most people pay via the exchanges hasn't risen much at all thanks to subsidies financed by the tax on the wealthy.
  15. And I'm sure every one of the examples you don't actually cite has been subjected to scientific peer review.