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  1. From Robert Fisk: The Paris peace conference was beyond useless – everyone knows a two-state solution in Israel and Palestine is impossible now "Anyone who’s visited the West Bank these past few years, looked at the Jewish colonies built on stolen Arab land, witnessed the occupation and the filth of Gaza and observed its brutal Hamas militia leaders – and realised that Netanyahu will soon be the most left-wing member of his increasingly racist government – knows very well that the “two-state solution” vanished long ago. Why, did we really think it would survive the political surgery of our beloved former Middle East panjandrum, Tony Blair? As he would say if he was honest, the whole charade is “absolutely and completely” over".
  2. The military made a decision not to prosecute Michael Flynn when he shared classified intelligence with foreign powers. The grounds were that he didn't realize that the information was classified. I haven't seen any condemnation of Flynn from any prominent conservatives. Personally, although Flynn is clearly a loon, I don't think he should have been prosecuted. Prosecutors, civilian and military, routinely take intent into account before deciding whether or not to prosecute. Comey violated no rules in making that decision. But he did violate the rules twice first in condemning clinton in explaining his decision not to prosecute, and then in sending that letter to the Senate.
  3. Yes, the UK wants borders to disappear with that's to its advantages and for walls to be erected when that's to its advantage. And it's not even true that the UK's leaders have been polite and friendly unless you set a very low bar for manners.
  4. Wow. The New York Post. Impeccable source. But I won't dismiss it on that account. Let's take a closer look at your quote and a further quote form that article "But the perpetrators of last November’s bloody attack on Paris and other terror strikes in Belgium and France hailed from Molenbeek, a Brussels slum that has long been a hotbed for radical Islam, drugs and lawlessness." . I notice that there's no reference to "Sharia Law" in the article you cited. And how could there be?. If there were sharia law in effect then the lawlessness and drug use would be met with drastic punishment. Hands cut off, if not heads. In fact, these are ghettos of people who are refugees and emigres from Muslim lands, and they are mostly Muslims, but the problems in those ghettos have little to do with Sharia law but a lot to do with poverty. Unless of course you maintain that it's only slums with Muslims that have problems with crime and violence
  5. Not so much of a problem for you to justify the FBI's interference, though?
  6. On the other hand you can pretty much rely on Trump not to tell the truth. And I wish that weren't so close to being literally true.
  7. Utter nonsense. The former left wing economics minister of Greece pushed very hard to drop the Euro. But Germany imposed such harsh conditions on such an exit that the Greek government decided it wasn't worth it. And Estonia, with a right wing government, joined the Eurozone after the Euro debacle. Your kind of remark has more to do with Pavlov than it has to do with actual knowledge. Any political or economic development you don't like, you blame the left.
  8. Thanks for that bit of information. I was under the impression that they didn't share a border.
  9. This is like saying don't go to Japan, the least violent nation in the world, because like Honduras, the most violent nation in the world, because people get murdered there. You consistently ignore the numbers. Nobody, but nobody, lies with the frequency and sheer volume that Donald Trump does. And that is backed up by independent fact checking organizations.
  10. In that case, why should the UK even bother to negotiate? After all, it generates a whopping 10% of the EU's total GDP. And it's definitely going to improve its balance of payments when it loses much of its financial industry. Clear sailing!
  11. So you concede that your point about Malta's economy is irrelevant. Well, that's a start.
  12. Your comment might make sense if Malta was merely speaking for itself, But as it currently holds the presidency, it was speaking for all of the EU.
  13. But you did say Trump had a superior strategy. And that's why he won. If that's the case, then the Russian Hackers and James Comeys bombshell must have been part of it. Or maybe is it the case that Trump's strategy wasn't so brilliant?
  14. Bullies? The UK tells the EU to get lost and you expect kisses from the EU? The UK wants to keep the privileges of being in the EU but not the obligations and it's the EU which is behaving badly?