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  1. Little bit behind the moon as they say in Switzerland I would say.
  2. I once bought a bottle of Hundred Pipers at the family mart next to JJ markets. Had a good nite drinking it with a friend at home. Early morning I went shopping at Siam Square looking for garbage bins to vomit into. Later in the day I learned my drinking buddy was in hospital from the effects. I was able to tell the police where I had bought the whisky and the sellers were caught. You cannot trust any source in Thailand, best to stick to beer.
  3. Simple explanation she died after being pulled from the water of a heart attack. Quite common in middle aged persons after rescue.
  4. You could buy a blender or a nutribullit and prepare protein shakes and juices. Maybe you could grill some eggplant or cheese on toast etc all healthy. Protein is a must ie some animal protein 2-3 times a week, I opt for chicken drumsticks. Soft boiled eggs are a great source of protein and vitamins. You could hard boil some to go with your salads. You also must consume some good fats for a complete healthy diet, Avacado and coconut flesh are the best. Fish is good but hard to get so I have sardines 2-3 times a week.
  5. I read enough to know he was not aware he had been robbed. And I do not need to be corrected like a schoolboy. Go back to your Chang!!!!
  6. Looks to me like having a Thai wife gives you full membership of the Suckers Club.
  7. Why is the victim pointing at the thief ? The report said he was unaware he had been robbed so how would he know who to point at ???
  8. You are correct, its hard to find an aged male who thinks he is not a good driver. We all lose a little brain and sight and reflex's as we age. The trick is knowing when its time to stop driving. I can understand expats not wanting to take the very expensive taxi's in their homeland but here in Thailand taxi's are dirt cheap by comparison.
  9. How many foreigners do they expect to live long enough for this to be a good idea. ?????
  10. Oral after the no condom act, how disgusting!!!!
  11. Stupid idea, you would be far safer driving a car especially in Thailand. Seems your brain has deteriorated more than your eye sight and concentration.
  12. What a dragon. Some poor bloke may be married to that R.I.P
  13. I don't know about you but we learned to sing the times tables. I can still quote any quick as a flash and that's how I taught my kids too. I don't know where you get the ineffective from?