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  2. Please stick to the topic. This isn't about polls.
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  4. Please stick to the topic. This isn't about the Clintons.
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  7. Let's stick to the topic. Trump, Obama, wiretap.
  8. Please stick to the topic and abide by forum rules.
  9. If you don't have valuable information to post, please don't. Next posts like these will result in a posting suspension.
  10. Ok, enough. Let's get back to the topic and respect other members.
  11. Please stick to the topic. This isn't about Trump's win nor how much he is worth.
  12. Topic moved to the Farang Pub.
  13. Let's stick to the topic, please.
  14. Please stick to the topic. This isn't about ISIS.
  15. A quote that has been determined to be fake has been removed from view. If you site a quote, please provide a credible link to the source.