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  1. Pay them tens of millions and everything will settle....
  2. With the army backing he can even get away with murder...
  3. Instead of kicking out these vendors the army should clear out the sleazy bars and karaoke...
  4. The army and police are never in the wrong be it killings or corruptions etc.....cause they are in power...
  5. What about those army and police who are unusually rich...just look at their houses and cars..
  6. As again and again long as the army is in power such incidents will repeat again and again...
  7. What happened to the yellow shirts..closing the airport....
  8. Watch out Thaksin and PTP......the army is coming to get you by hook or by crook...otherwise they can't sleep well...
  9. Don't envy.. These people are RICH.. Sent from my Redmi 3S using Thaivisa Connect mobile app
  10. They won't pay for they need the money for overseas study trips.