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  1. There is a great improvement of the situation since yesterday. The AQI values have become better for the whole region and the visbility, symptoms it's all fine at the moment. It seems to be a "good year" how some called it (my first one), so I'm very happy about that. I'm also grateful that this Forum has an ignore button for certain users and their posts, so I do not need to read sarcastic comments - it is great for those people if they are not affected, but in this case there is no need to participate in a topic that does not concern you.
  2. Hello Peter, may I ask you why you still ride a motorbike? I mean after 1-2 accidents... I see many people switching to a car, after an accident. I've been lucky so far on my bike and I'm very grateful for that too.
  3. In the last 2-3 weeks I have seen only two people (me including three) who wore a mask outside. I don't think 30.000 masks are necessary, it does not seem likely that people want to wear them.
  4. I also wear the N95 mask. It would be interesting to know how much of the 2.5 particles they really filter. Some websites state they filter 88% of the 2.5 particles, this guy in the video states it can't filter them at all which I dont' believe since the Chinese government recommends to use the mask in China for that too. In terms of local I have never seen anybody wearing a mask like this. Only the surgical masks which are worn for fashion here. But I think this is more because of lazyness, for the same reason helments etc. are not worn.
  5. I'm curious if anyone has recommendations what to do about the eyes. I only have symptoms with the eyes, so like today, when I go out, my eyes burn. I reckon there is not much one can do apart from limiting time outdoors or leaving? I didn't have that on Saturday/Sunday, so I think it is related to "fresh burning".
  6. @lolaS There is smog around the mountain, you can see it everywhere around Canal road. One hour ago my eyes were burning outside and I could smell smoke starting at around 07.30 this morning. It is just my personal impression.
  7. It's my first year here. Tuesday late afternoon I could see smog everywhere and my eyes were burning. Same for last week Sunday for the eyes but no smoke. For some reason it has become better yesterday and today so I opened my windows. Not sure what the reasons are, maybe my body gets used to it or the wind / no fresh burning etc. :) @chiang mai: I remember you saying that Air conditioning only would be ok, but after a few days it really felt like the air is kind of stuffy in my room, although I used air conditioning. It became better after letting "fresh" air in. Maybe it depends on the AirCon unit or other things, I'm not sure.
  8. That's still very cheap unfortunately. I was dreaming about the day these polluted vehicles disappear :) But we need a higher price for that ^^
  9. Hello guys, I'm planning a trip to Phuket for a total duration of two months. Living in Chiang Mai I'm a little bit spoiled with reasonable prices for good Gyms, I currently pay 10k THB per year for a Gym which has also Cardio and several Yoga classes every day. So I'm aware that it gets more expensive if I only sign up for one or two months (e.g. 2000 THB monthly is totally reasonable). However when I googled for Yoga studios in Phuket (I'll be shaying near Central Festival) I was a bit shocked to find out prices like 5-10k monthly - I could get a private Yoga session for 500 THB hourly in many places. So to keep things short. Can somebody recommend a place? Are the teachers correcting there as well? Because otherwise Youtube videos and doing it on my own it's the same thing. Everything in 10-15 min distance of Central Festival would be great. 3000 THB per month would still be ok, otherwise I do not really see the value. Yoga studio (only Yoga) or Gym (classes, cardio etc.) - it's all fine :) Any help would be appreciated. Thank you guys :)
  10. Many thanks chiang mai, but could you please explain that a little bit? I have the Filtrete already put on my Aircons, but if it does not draw air in from outside (which I falsely assumed all the time) it seems I need to open the windows regularly to filter "new air". How do those units in the shopping malls / hotels etc. work ? They have no windows and just use aircon.
  11. I'm a bit confused about the aircon unit not using the air from outside. Because my windows have been closed for 5 days and were never open in that time, but the air in my room feels normal. So the process would be actually opening all windows once per day, putting on a mask for 2 hours and filtering the air with the air con unit once the windows are closed? I'm happy for any explanations of those who have experience. My air con units are LG C10GU if anybody knows how they work. They are units outside as well, and I read in the previous post that they might just push warm air outside? My personal impression in the last few days is, that many people have symptoms, I see many people having issues with their noses, burning eyes and I see people, esp. those who work outside, coughing. Not many so far, but more than before. I also noticed that both foreigners and Thai's do not seem to be bothered about the air quality - I'm talking about the majority, not a minority in this Forum. Nobody wears any mask, everybody has their windows open all day. I'm not complaining, just observing how different people deal with it.
  12. Hi connda, I wear glasses too. There are two different (or maybe even more) models of the N95 mask. You can go to the 3M shop to have a look. One mask is like a square - I cannot wear it, because you have to clip it behind your ears and then the glasses start to move. But the other mask I use (also N95) is formed like a rectangle - although it might not be correct I wear it with the strips behind my head and it works well, once you adjust it down to your nose. If I wear it often and take the mask off quiet often, I need to change it after 3-4 days, not a problem because buying in bulk (3M shop) you get them for 20 THB each.
  13. Very good, sometimes we make things too complicated :) Thanks for your help. I found this one the most helpful when using your suggested search: http://outdoors.stackexchange.com/questions/1726/how-harmful-is-the-rising-setting-sun According to that the sun radiation should still be there but much less strong, which pleases me and makes sense, because 0 UV index does not make sense which is why I was confused in the first place.
  14. Hello together, I have a question - I think those who have been in Thailand for a longer time might know it. I've been looking into other topics, but did not really find an answer to my question. It's very easy. I use the weather app on my iPhone and it says me "18:20 p.m. sunset" - it also says UV radiation 0 once this time is past. It takes 30 minutes until it is dark outside after the sunset. My question: Is there any radiation/exposure after "sunset" until it gets dark? The reason why I ask is that I usually apply SPF cream during the day, because I get sunburnt quickly, but I do not do it after dark with all the chemicals in the sunlotion. I hope many people have been asking themselves this before - your help is greatly appreciated. When looking online I found lots of tips of people covering themselves, using sunglasses, avoiding peak hours etc., but not what I want to know.
  15. I read a lot of the posts of the old smog threads here in the Forum now. Today I got the Filtrate filter from the 3M shop and equipped my air conditioning units with it, having all the windows closed. So far I have not read much about symptoms from other people, just about the health concerns and precautions. As far as I understand the air purifier would be nice because it kind of measures the air quality and displays it with an according colour. Because now it is just guessing that I must have good air quality in my room :)