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  1. The SanRemo conference was very clear; I don;t see a 'debacle' in regard to this. Britain knew well that Arabs would riot so they also wanted to appease them. Pseudo nation as you define it has to fight for survival even when the foster dies (are you awaiting this with drooling lips?) or when the levy was dry (pun intended)
  2. It's a common trait I found in people like him around the globe: a compulsive obsessive behavior that brings them to sift through the news and after finding 'something' that may support their obsession, they spend hours to write r a hundred lines of text to 'offer an explanation - which no one needs btw - to rationalize it. Am not sure that pharmaceutical products may help...
  3. Funny rhethorics. You want to convict convince me? Ha ha ha >>> single secular truly democratic Israel, I always knew it is that "Jewish thing" that bothers so many lol
  4. What illegal? 1/ Jordan invaded the part that was 'granted' to Israel in 1948 pre-independence, and 2/ Jordan attacked Israel on June 5, 1967, Israel decided NOT to retaliate until Jordan bombed west Jerusalem. Just Google six day war. And that's called a 'counter-attack' (unlike other countries seizing their southern neighbor in a 'greedy attack' for land),
  5. Not sure where you used to live outside of Thailand, but I am sure you'd want minorities to control your country's policies lol :) So be it...
  6. I really wish you find your password.
  7. Repeating the same old belief
  8. Oh yes. Go see by yourself or read this:
  9. Ants will do the same job. Japanese tortured prisoners with razor-sharp bamboo, then they were fed alive to jungle ants.
  10. Yeah, look a the number of people sorry t have been caught thanks to CCTV!
  11. This sort of 'dissuasion' has been statistically proven not working in the case of death penalty. Yes it's despicable , but there are other ways to deal with this. I admit jailing him with other prisoners would teach him a lesson.
  12. We have to keep our humanity intact, so yes the society pays for them to stay in jail and (sic) 'pay their debt to the society' It keeps prison guards, social workers, judges. lawyers, psychologists and therapists busy, and feeds them. And that;s a bunch of people.
  13. Then what do you propose? Just curious to know
  14. It's ugly. Azaria arrived earlier but that changes nothing. Of course I saw the video, but - am making no excuses here - the fact all countries are dissecting Israel's every single action does not help establish a climate for reflection. And that brings us to the spiral of Intifadas, knife attacks and settlements and...