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  1. That`s exactly what the OP did and why he noticed a 100 baht short in the change. Has happened to me numerous times, in MacDonalds, petrol stations, drug stores and too many more to mention. This is one big irritating fact about Thailand, always having to be sharp and on the alert. Rarely, but it has happened when I`ve been handed too much change, always been honest and given it back. Another irritating ploy when at certain stores they have on offer free gifts or stamps when purchasing selected items and they mostly never offer me over the gift or stamps and have to ask. I once heard 2 cashier girls in a 7/eleven say to each other in Thai; he`s a Farlang, how did he know about the stamps? That`s because they think we`re all stupid and easily conned.
  2. I agree. I also guess he will head straight for S.E. Asia, that`s if he`s not already here. Seems like another; here we go again. This vermin is like a bad case of herpes, no cure and will keep coming back. Why are their passports not confiscated and barred from leaving their home countries? Oh sorry forgot, must not contravene their human rights, must we.
  3. The authorities will never win. A year or 2 ago in Sri Lanka the big hotels were notorious for supplying prostitutes to guests, either in the guise as spas, hanging about in the lobbies or in their casinos. The SL government placed an order to shut down all the 5 star hotel spas. But the hotels are owned by high ranking police officials and government ministers. They protested claiming it would ruin tourism and won the day. The Sri Lankan government gave in and allowed the spas to be reopen again. Instead as a public relations exercise and so as not to those face, the police raided and shut down all the back street low class brothels just so it appeared the government was seen to be doing something. The same will happen in Pattaya. Whereas the bars and massage parlours that are owned by those with connections in the right places will not allow their businesses to be shut down or moved somewhere else. Watch this space to see if I am going to be right.
  4. She said her waitresses are university students who do it as a part-time job. University students! Are they kidding? 2 of them pictured look to be in their 30s. Rather tame isn`t it. In the UK they have opened up naked cafes, where the staff and customers are all naked. Obviously far too riska for the likes of Chiang Mai. It`s going to take more than girls wearing funny rabbit ears to entice me into visiting that coffee shop. I also wonder how much in there for a coffee just for the pleasure of a bit of eye candy? Don`t be fooled. This is a real bunny girl:
  5. Thank you, exactly. Now maybe some will understand.
  6. It`s not just work reserved for Thais, it is also work reserved for those employed or contracted by the local authority and this applies the world over. Private individuals cannot do work on public walkways and roads. These are the responsibility of the local authority that have to follow government guidelines when completing the works. In-fact unauthorised persons meddling with public paths and roads are probably committing criminal acts. Members of the public must take their complaints directly to the local authority in the areas they live or present a petition by other residents in the area if they want to put pressure on to have works carried out. That`s the way it`s normally done even if some feel the system is too complicated for them.
  7. Your comment reeks of arrogance. That`s all well and good, but it should work both ways. If you consider yourself a class above other westerners then go the whole hog and keep yourself to yourself and lets not hear from you, that is your choice. But the OP guy is giving himself publicity by meddling into affairs that he has no authority to take matters into his own hands and it`s not a matter of telling him how to do the repairs, it`s a case of he shouldn`t be making the repairs at all and like you better to keep himself to himself. We don`t need westerners coming here with their bias opinions who seem to be locked into their own no man`s land believing that their ways are the right ways and everyone else is a pompous ass, as you put it The only person who appears pompous is you.
  8. He is an interfering old fool who should mind his own business. As these road repairs do not fall under the jurisdiction of the local authority, any accidents on that stretch of road whether due to his repairs or not, he could be held responsible. Someone must have taken that photo, which means this is about publicity. If anyone tried that in the UK without being officially contracted by the council would be arrested because there are guidelines for undertaking road repairs as any amateur botch up jobs could do more harm than good. This guy could also be billed if the local authority have to make good his work. Westerners come here expecting the same standards as they get in their own countries, the big Farlang showing the backward Thais how to run their own country. Shaming does not work in Thailand and this type of making lose face will see this guy heading for a whole load of trouble.
  9. North African or middle eastern. Shouldn`t be too difficult to find unless they have already left the country.
  10. I was threatened twice recently by a poster on TV. He had his post deleted and then published it again until I made a report. Just give the two fingered salute and report them.
  11. Oh thaipo, and you a respectable married man of 45 years marriage following and chatting up young girls on bicycles. The question is; if you did manage to catch up with these girls on the road, after 45 years off the girly scene, would you still know what to do if one of them said; take me, take me please, I`m all yours?
  12. Back in the 1960s I thought that Marina was a puppet version of Ursula Andress or Ursula Undress we nicknamed her. I always thought and still do that the most beautiful European women are the most beautiful women in the world. Thai women are OK but being realistic at my age I know that having a trophy young Thai GF is only going to be about money.
  13. You mean after all that, FolkGuitar and I have been entwined in a bitter feud for nothing and now we are enemies for the rest of eternity? And it`s your fault. If you require a thermometer for testing water temperature, then your best bet would be to try pet or aquarium stores where they sell thermometers to be placed in fish tanks. I think the Amorn Electronics store at the BIG C in Hang Dong sell those.
  14. Is it possible that a mechanic could catch an STD from servicing that car?
  15. Lovely photo. Her pussy is world famous.