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  1. We have many of those birds the OP asked for, but they only make that noise in the evening when flying above the lake. I haven't seen them in daylight making that noise.
  2. Because it also didn't work....mai pen lai... I think it's time the Thai start checking those mobile cranes more often, accidents like this happen far too often here.
  3. Even hiso condo's have gasbottles and small kitchens...they also have roomservice. I don't see the problem. And who likes to work/stand/cook on the streets all days??
  4. Thailand is far behind the developed world. We need less markets and more huge supermarkets who pricefight eachother... And stop the cheating, i bought 1 kg frozen barramundi from Makro which contains 250 ml of water in the bag. That's such an old trick i wished there were more huge shops. Open the markets and let Aldi come here, life will become much cheaper for ALL and Thailand might become a cheap holidaydestination again. All those wetmarkets cause a lot of trafficcongestion as well, we need huge trucks supplying the huge supermarkets..not hundreds of small pickuptrucks blocking the roads. Thailand has to grow up! It's time to scale up the economy and do everything big to compete with the rest of the world.
  5. But those things all look like toys compared to this from Boston...
  6. Here is a video of the Robocon2016....even the hosts don't speak english but they have teams from all over Asia. Soon the whole world will speak Thai.... And look, they even wear helmets during the contest!
  7. Guess what? They just (yesterday or so) came into the top 10 for medical holidays..... I agree the Thai are very bad with technology but there's no way to cheat on those robot competitions so they must be doing something vely good as well...
  8. Mate the Thai won the robotcompetitions in Japan/Germany and where-ever they keep them....for many years...You think they can bribe the jury there??? And again, they are just rc-tools, they don't do anything automatic without an operator behind the controls. Just like in the West. And why do you think those white guys are standing there? I bet they sold them parts or help them building robots. They're not there for the show. A made in USA robot which can cut bombwires costs about 10-30k us$...the parts are cheap though so the Thai can build them much cheaper and learn a lot from that. I bet they want to build robots who can detect mines (by sensors or whatever technology) so they can defuse and remove them... But Thailand wants to become a player in the robotic market worldwide so they have to start somewhere. Electronic parts are sold in Chinatown but those vendors can't speak a word english and are very expensive...that puts Thailand behind many other countries though. It WAS not even possible to walk around in Chinatown but that's improved lately. It would be much better if they moved the whole electronics market to Phantip though since Chinatown is an abandoned corner of BKK.
  9. 55555 The robots they build for that contest can save lives, it's not a toyshow...what are you thinking? General Sompong Mukdasakul, said Thursday that the prototype robots developed by the institute were capable of defusing bombs. In other words, they can cut wires connected to a bomb and they use camera's mounted on robots for that. The robotarm has a cuttingdevice to cut the wires. Maybe it can also grab/pull parts out of the bomb but it's nothing more/less than a robotic arm. I have several homebuild robots/toys who can do the same plus much more totally automatic. There's no difference between toys and robots...They are just automated machines on a platform controlled by remote control...As soon as they can do it fully automatic they are robots but they won't use that for bombs.
  10. I've been scanned and questioned and many times i've seen them inspecting opened suitcases from other travellers. Also i've seen them calling back other travellers who already passed the x-raymachine and officers...
  11. Yes those markets can be filthy, chopping up fish/meat/frogs so customers get splashes on them isn't 2017. Very low crappy umbrella's with steel pins sticking out is very dangerous. Not showing retailprices (especially of the more expensive produce) is very annoying. No good parkinglots and huge congestion is also no good. Loads of motocy taxi's at the entrance and blocking the roads is soooo 3rd world. Very narrow paths is also not relaxed. Boiling hot oil right next to customers is very dangerous.. So i 'll stick with supermarkets.....much better...let them go bankrupt they will overcharge me anyway.
  12. Especially not for the Russian lady who got fined 100.000 baht for feeding bread to the fish in the sea.
  13. Yup, i won't bring anymore cheese...i don't want to be the one who pays for these machines. If they were serious in finding bombs or chemicals they would order snifferdogs.
  14. Thailand wins the international robot-contests every year recently and in any country.... And have you seen the white guys on the pic?
  15. To me it seems the Thai are tired of bad monks.