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  1. The anti-redshirt sentiment here on TVF is astonishing. They are the only glimmer of democracy in a swamp of fascism.
  2. Another victory for the "Religion of peace".
  3. There is little or no thought given to these draconian, "zero tolerance" edicts. Same stupidity as the "three strikes, you're out" laws in the USA. The idea of handling things on a case by case basis is just too difficult for the bureaucratic Thai mind.
  4. Scum of the earth. He will walk free with a slap on the wrist. Murder is entirely negotiable here.
  5. I'm consistent. I don't trust EITHER of them. Thai men and women totally deserve each other. The fruits of a libertarian society where all must fend for themselves. Compassion and regard for justice does not grow in an environment where there is no social contract between the state and the individual. Western mixed economies and outright welfare states are the only places you will find men and women who understand true equality and the necessity of working together to achieve common goals.
  6. When I first came to Thailand in 1998, I was impressed with the ease of taxi service as compared with places like the Dominican Republic where every taxi ride is a hassle with the driver. Now, taxi service in Bangkok has deteriorated to the same level. Many drivers simply refuse to take me where I need to go or want to charge me USA prices. Uber and GrabTaxi are market forces responding to an intolerable transportation situation where the taxi driver wants to dictate terms to the customer.
  7. Impressive!!! Julius and Ethel Rosenberg were executed for less.
  8. Well, it's "zero tolerance" for ORDINARY PEOPLE. If you're hiso and want to fork over obscene amounts of cash. much can be overlooked, including murder.
  9. Good clear answers.
  10. Buddhism is also silent on many social issues: poverty, homelessness, corruption, prison reform etc. One thing that sets Western religions apart is their tendency to push for social reform.
  11. A sad situation, but it's a "zero tolerance" country.
  12. Vientiane was easy. I WAS asked for proof of income but the minimal "proof" I showed, seemed to satisfy them. All of my documents were statements from the USA, no bankbooks were presented. Sometimes, lack of consistency works in your favor.
  13. All it would take for Thaksin's re-entry would be a public statement from Rama X. This is unlikely to happen.
  14. It's nearly time for another mass demonstration by Thai people demanding that the USA stay out of their politics. 25 yellowshirts showed up at the last one. They're gaining traction.