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  1. It is very common in third world Asia.
  2. Thai people go there because they can earn more there. Hindus and Buddhist are the third class citizens in Malaysia. Non Muslim aborigines are the second class.
  3. Cathay Pacific lost money last year, the first time since 2003. China Southern, China Eastern and China Airline (Beijing) were to blame.
  4. Third world habit. In Hong Kong, people used to do that about 50 years ago. People still do that in inland China.
  5. Average Chinese citizens will have to work an extra 3 hours a day to pay for more military hardware. President Xi said that he will guide China back to the glorious days of yesteryear when China was the superpower of Asia.
  6. Usually, third world people could handle more hardship than wealthy western people. When I was a little boy, when I got sick with a high fever, my mother just let me tough it out until I am about half dead. At that time an average citizen earned about .85 usd a day, seeing a real doctor cost 1.70 usd .
  7. I was there for a visit 3 years ago, the paramilitary force is heavily present. I saw a lot of sad civilian faces, and I feel sorry for some of the non violent Muslims.
  8. A third world prison is no joke.
  9. People in third world countries eat much worst than dogs and cats. I know because I partly grew up in that environment.
  10. I like elephants because I do not farm for a living. If I were a farmer, I would kill elephants as if they were rats. When I was a hungry little boy, I only thought of animals as food.
  11. All third world people are about the same. People are a product of their environment.
  12. Venture a little further into the average citizen neighborhoods, you will see them.
  13. I got the same surprise in China.
  14. It is a common thing in any third world country.