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  1. Might solve your pigeon problem?
  2. Rained here last few days. The frog cacophony is fantastic. The most annoying bird here is the 'watchadoin' bird. Haven't ID'd it yet. Every time I do something it's flying around shouting 'watchadoin?' I sometimes wonder.......
  3. 10m gives you 1 bar static head. 5m (0.5 barg) minimum as long as the land is flat.
  4. Yep, if you've got a new car with a red plate it needs registering. The dealer who sold you the new car should sort the registration. Our Revo took 8 weeks from purchase to final registration. I brought my Lanny over from the UK and went to register it. The temporary red plate number was '999' How pissed-off was I that I got my 'proper' plate before a red plate was issued! Keep the old car with personalised plate till your new car registration arrives. 8 weeks from purchase, red plate to final registration. You are going to have to wait.
  5. Cheers, there's one not far from here, I'll give them a try. Also thanks for the heads-up on what to call them.
  6. Why would a French bloke be whistling outside his house?
  7. You must live near me!
  8. Nice one Dick
  9. Are these sold over here? Cheers for any replies in advance.
  10. No, but it is about roof design and lift effect in high winds is pertinent to the topic. My pool roof is bolted to 4 x 2ft sq. pillars, welded to the top of 4 x 4" concrete pillars and struts bolt to the bottom of the pillar. I reckon the tiles would give way before lifting the steel frame (where's that fingers crossed emoticon?). It has a 2m overhang from the support struts but I used carbon steel, not the galvy stuff. Steel sourced with certificate stating SMYS and I worked out the bending moments with a x3 safety factor.
  11. Sounds like you've got small stones in the pump head. Strip off the suction side, pull off the impellor and look see if any stone jammed in the impellor ports. Other than that, cavitation due to air in pump head/pump struggling to lift 5m/shaft bearings goosed.
  12. ...where I put the keys to my digger? Can't find them anywhere.
  13. All centrifugal pumps work with an impellor.
  14. .....would you? I would.......