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  1. "There are two sides to all of us. I am still looking for my better half. "...100% agree...me to looking and learning something new everyday..if you want that is..;-)Have a good day sir.
  2. Hmm,were did they got those bailmoney from..alms..aren't "monks"supposedly not have any or very few bath for buying just the most necessary/basic things for every-day living..not 100.000 for bail..maybe i'm wrong. Someone shed some light on what a monk is suppose to have when it comes down to money,private money to get out of jail/bailmoney..Have a good day everyone :-)
  3. ...as they say...if it sounds to good..Hey,maybe he's buying those Sub's at Lotus after all..toys that he and his Military friends can "toy"with..whithout spending to much money..Have a good day everyone ;-)
  4. You mean (cock)(pit)...jepp warm and perfect size...Sorry,but just have to be alittlebit naughty this morning ;-)I will blame it to change of coffee brand...Have a good day everyone at TV.
  5. Hrmm,what goes were..;-)
  6. ...he got his own VPN..
  7. Hell yeah,buying submarines why better..NOT.And some rumors tells me that Goverment people haven't got their pay check for several month..but buing submarines...Eductionsystem fails,noting or very little done to put a much need edu reform in place...but subsmarines..Police get new toys,guns...Yeah,instead of a total much needed Police edu. reform...BUT,the weather is chilly,sunny and nice up here in Issan,always something to be happy about...Have a nice day everyone :-)
  8. Well actually the LAW state that Police ON duty dosen't have to carry a helmet..that's the FACT.
  9. I use Tor..the ONLY thing that really secure you..and it\s FREE..but if you like it..you can donate...Have a good day TV readers. https://www.torproject.org/about/torusers.html.en
  10. Jesus,my real father figure in life..He's teaching for free everyday..if i just want to listen which i forget sometimes.But he will always forgive, as a good father should..I strive to become a better person,not easy but my teacher has patience like no one else..;-)
  11. They need some common sence...brain dead..all of them...He let this guy drive away..to pickup passangers..
  12. Maybe...BRAEK FAILURE....Morning from Udon-Thani and 2017 Greetings..Have a good day.
  13. Don't i miss something here,A SECOND driver..Shouldn't it be 2 driver on a long route like this?
  14. Moore info here on the benefits of Hempgrowing. http://hempbenefits.org/environmental-benefits-of-hemp/
  15. Can anyone post link/links for a total,so far atleast,recap of the building of the Wat,the money laundering thing,and everyting else that has manily to do whith this sekt..A easy to read recap/rteadup would be nice..and from secure sourses..well atleast as secure they come in Thailand ;-). //TIA