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  1. 5-6 days is absolutely fine.
  2. What a bad situation! I would apply for the replacement after you move. Don't forget to give the solicitor the bill...
  3. Oops. I Googled the wrong place and read it too quickly. Sorry.
  4. Here is a link to the info you need: https://www.gov.uk/settle-in-the-uk/y/you-re-the-family-member-or-partner-of-a-british-citizen/no/partner/you-re-still-with-your-partner You don't need a visa company. If you use one you will still end up doing 90% of the work. The visa you need is a Settlement visa which is marriage visa with a different name. The main difference is you have to prove you've been living together for more than two years. Your GF will need a TB test and a language test. You will need a salary of at least £18600 pa. Easily doable by the end of the year.
  5. I can see why it would be an attractive option but where would a school get that kind of money? Unless it is a private school, of course.
  6. My wife applied for her visa while I sat here in my office at home... A printer and ideally a scanner and email saved me from moving by butt off the sofa. Her visit visa involved a copy of her divorce papers. I doubt that the visa company could have got those for her. Interested to know how a TB test or language test could be done from the comfort of an office for a settlement visa either. One trip to Bangkok is all that's needed and no matter where your wife or girlfriend is living in Thailand and the trip will certainly cost a fraction of the 50000 baht you need to pay the company mentioned. Is the 50000 baht the ferang price or the Thai price?
  7. Unless they have changed the rules since last September it was fine when I submitted two days before my wife's settlement visa ran out. On the back of the biometrics letter is the address it comes from. The initial assessment unit. A far as I can work out they do a check on all of the info you supply them, assess that the visa is likely to go through and invite your wife to go to a PO for biometrics. In our case they also asked me to fill in a box of the FLR form that I had missed. Shame it's the only indication you get that all is well but better than UKVI in Bangkok... It took over two weeks to get an acknowledgement that they had received it.
  8. There is a space in the link you posted. Did you copy and paste? Also worth trying a different browser.
  9. Technically yes. The reality is your wife won’t be allowed to board an aircraft without a visa to the destination country.
  10. So many places to see in the UK rather than just London although there are many places to see in London. My wife loves the history of the UK but we have traveled all over. The problem is that the first Schengen visa seems to be granted based in the dates on the tickets they want to see, to grant you the visa. I know you don't technically need to have tickets to get a visa but the Embassies do ask for them. We have just been to Iceland for 8 days and the Schengen visa lasted for exactly 8 days... What would have happened if another Icelandic volcano had gone off and grounded all the aircraft, I don't know. That was from the Danish Embassy that handles Iceland visas and surprisingly they issued the visa while we waited.
  11. Never in a million years would I pay the extra £500 a Premium Centre charges unless there were huge reasons to do so. The visa etc is expensive enough as it is without adding another £500. The only possible I can think of would be if we needed our passports fast for a family emergency. A holiday would have to wait.
  12. You can apply for FLR and submit it up until the day your wife's settlement visa expires. My wife's settlement visa ran out on the 8th September last year and we couriered the FLR application on the 6th. No problems even though my wife technically didn’t have a visa for seven weeks. I queried it at the time and it is fine. I doubt that there is a problem with your wife's job as long as she's not applying for a new one. Somebody wiser than me will no doubt help you on that one.
  13. Three things are required for a visit visa. The finances needed for the trip and proof of it in the form of bank statements, savings etc, a suitable place to stay etc, proof of relationship and the big one, a reason to return to Thailand. A job and a letter from an employer is by far the best way of showing a good reason to return. Having kids doesn't count for anything as so many Thai women work away from home and send money home. Owning a house and land can also be a contributing factor too. Having finance on a pickup or motorbike counts for nothing. If you ask for a six months stay she probably won’t get the visa. So many fall into that trap as an ECO will not believe that an employer would give her six months off work. Fouru weeks or maybe six weeks is a better length of stay to request. If the visa is successful, she will be granted a six month, multi entry visa. If she then stays for a few months after the visa is granted, as long as you have a good reason and in explain why she stayed longer in any subsequent visa application it is not usually a problem. I've just seen that 7by7 has replied and mentioned photos. When my, then, girlfriend applied almost two years ago for her first visit visa we had only known one another for a few months and photos and a couple of flights and hotel bookings were literally all we had to prove our relationship. Things seem to have changed but I still included a few photos of our wedding in our Settlement visa this time last year and the Further Leave to Remain visa back in September.
  14. I have always used three plastic folders with press studs to keep them closed so nothing can fall out. 1. Sponsor info 2. Applicant info 3. Proof of relationship Each folder has a label with the Visa no, name of applicant and the headings above. Page four of my sponsor letter is the index to everything in the three folders, a map to everything that the ECO can get to quickly and easily.
  15. And it doesn’t make it wrong... It's what VFS did twice just over a year ago for my wife, then girlfriend. Supplying a copy of her Thai ID was no big deal. Had we not supplied it, VFS would have probably done it any way wasting more time. We did the same for Settlement too. All three visas were successful. The "dos" are not clear either. There are items you have to supply and others you can supply.