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  1. I am stuck with a British passport unfortunately, but if the mooted option of some kind of 'EU citizenship' becomes available then I'll jump at it. I have only got three years to go until retirement but am now trying hard to get a transfer to either our French or German subsidiary. I have worked at both in the past and grade-for-grade the pay and conditions are much better than in the UK. The problem is now that quite a large proportion of the UK staff have the same idea! As for the EU being undemocratic - well, unelected House of Lords anyone? My experience of living and working in France and Germany is that they are both more democratic and less elitist than the UK, particularly now that the UK seems to be being led by a small cabal of Brexit 'Jihadists' who are pursing some kind of economic scorched-earth policy with respect to the single market etc.
  2. Granted two visitor visas (2015 and 2016) and only submitted copies.
  3. Recently spent 3 days in Nakhon Phanom. A nice town, but their driving skills are non-existant. The streets were virtually empty and yet we saw 4 moving-traffic collisions. They must have been driving around looking for something to crash into...
  4. Last week we were offered rental in The Base at 17000THB/month for one year. Also offered 18000/Month in VT6 - which I thought was pretty good. However my wife is 'scared' of the big hi-rise condos, so we'll be looking for somewhere with fewer floors.
  5. There are quite a few units available in The Base - although I couldn't give you a figure. It was one of the places I looked at. The agent that I spoke to claimed I'd be able to make a good return via short rentals on Airbnb - apparently The Base is very popular with holidaymakers. That's not something I'm keen to take a risk on though.
  6. When I talk about vacant units I mean vacant as in empty - nothing inside other than what the developer supplied. I doubt these are being used at the weekend. I came across more than a few condos that have been for sale since 2015 and one or two in buildings that were completed in 2014. Whichever way you spin there is clearly a very low level of sales activity - too low. For the time being I feel safer renting - maybe keeping an eye open for a bargain 'distress sale'...
  7. Can you name the 'certain condo blocks' that sell/rent immediately? I didn't come across them in my research.
  8. Well, after having looked around for a few days now I have decided not to buy anything for the time being. I visited some new and old condo blocks and was struck by the huge number of rooms standing vacant. The oversupply is even greater than I first thought and there are new buildings going up all over the place. I just can't see buying a condo in Pattaya/Jomtien being a wise investment at this point and I will be keeping money in the bank for the time being..
  9. Just listened to a radio interview with this guy from yesterday. He's clearly pretty sharp and doesn't want any association with the unfolding train-wreck that is Brexit. This job is clearly now a poison chalice which few will want to drink from........ although would be nice to see someone like Boris take it.
  10. "However, there was an outcry last month when a leaked memo revealed he had privately told ministers that any post-Brexit UK-EU trade deal might take up to ten years to finalise." Indeed. Not the kind of thing Mrs May and her "Dad's Army" wanted to hear. And I guess in post-Brexit Britain we should fire any weathermen who forecast rain - thus ensuring the country is bathed in unbroken year-round sunshine...
  11. Only a fool would not consider further devaluation of the GBP when considering a long-term future in Thailand funded by income in GBP. The large devaluation in the GBP after the Brexit result is a fact and Brexit has not actually happened yet. I don't see anyone arguing against inflation rising to 3%+ for at least the next couple of years. Ditto UK public debt rising to GBP100bn by 2020 (Treasury's own estimate). I actually work in international trade and my employers would fire me if I wasn't assuming at least a 10% fall in GBP within two years.
  12. GBP1500 is curently about 65000THB - this will give you a reasonably comfortable lifestyle provided you have 2~3M THB as a backup for medical emergencies. Health insurance is a minefield as you get older - basically the insurance co's don't want to gove cover to anyone that might get sick - so they will price you out as you get older. HOWEVER the 'elephant in the room' and the major threat to your financial situation is Brexit. The GBP has already collapsed by more than 15% over the last year just on the anticipation. Brexit has not yet happened and I don't think the full costs have yet been priced in. I think another 10% is easily possible upon an actual 'hard Brexit'. Add to that rising inflation in the UK of 3~4% and you'll have a further creeping devaluation of the GBP, year on year.. Over a few years you could be a lot worse off than when you started out.
  13. Very odd comment. I already have a very nice property in Thailand (and another in UK). I could afford to pay a lot more than 1M THB for a condo, however I'm just looking for something small and cheap for occasional use and to be used by family visiting Thailand. I look for discounts on everything I buy - even 200THB shirts from the market. Call me a cheap Charlie if you like!
  14. I have no 'problem', I am here to garner advice. Can you offer a couple examples of 'good' condos that I should consider, if you feel the VT's are not particularly desirable?
  15. Yes, a very fair point. I think it would be difficult to get a 'superior' return though. I think I'd need to hit a return of 7%+ to be at an advantage by renting - all in all its quite marginal though. Really all depends on how the area develops over the coming years. If Utapao is expanded and tourism booms then buying will have been a good idea, on the other hand....