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  1. Lucky for him, the bucket was at head height.... if in it's "proper" lowered position, the outcome may have been different.
  2. Don't know about that The bobcat is well out of the way.... still as good as on the concrete apron, with multiple vehicles passing safely and at the speed the bike was going, the accident happened well out of view of the camera, it was already on its side as it comes into view and... I'm pretty sure, the bike that slides into view in the upper left, is a different color to the one that goes from right to left, moments before the accident
  3. Makes no difference either way, does it? i (my company) got fined 4000bt for a late tax audit fee.... it never occurred to me that a fine for a late payment might be deductible.... it's lunacy... Thai style
  4. Good idea.... get back to me with figures. i'll start you off though..... currently the US imports more than twice its exports, so increasing tax on imports will make "stuff" more expensive for the average consumer but, decreasing export tax, may make American made "stuff" more competitive with "Chinese sweatshop" manufactured "stuff" ergo.... America needs more "sweatshops".... cool (well... hot really, hence "sweat").... more jobs for Americans vs Mexicans... hope they are happy with the pay rates.
  5. Lowering export tax and increasing import tax is throwing out tariffs agreements. effected countries need only do the same to re establish the status quo
  6. A long winded way of saying "go check out how Singapore has done it!"
  7. Lol.... no.... the power pole stopped them.... give that pole a set of para wings!
  8. Lol.... right. the local donut shop just increased its price from 29bt per to 30bt per... I assumed it was to make the math easier... but out came the calculator anyway... 4X 30! but in truth... thinking logically... it has become a manner of communication. The local Thai store owner may not know what of the many foreigne tongues a customer might use... but she knows that they can read a number displayed on a calculator... so fair enough (and the one baht price hike was just that!... a price hike)
  9. Because you asked WilsonA.... I took the time out from my busy schedule, to work out what type of car was featured. So.... after the aforementioned research, i conclude that it appears to be a dirty car! hope that helps 👍👍👍
  10. Yer... true.... but I'm still lmao!.... loved destinies comment 😂😂😂
  11. Lol... there you go.... a new get out of jail free card, much like the tried and true "brake failure" excuse 😂😂😂
  12. Ah... right... of course.... the BiB told him who to point at 😂
  13. I wonder if it was accompanied by a vibrating alert tone / function.
  14. Whilst loving the new pointing pose... I'm wondering how he can be so sure if he's pointing at the right person, given he didn't know that his pocket had been picked.
  15. An update from the radio..... the guy has been given a 5000 baht fine and a two year suspended sentence.... the court expects that the paperwork will all be completed within a week or so, and then the Australian bloke can go home obviously, once outside Thailand, the suspended sentence will have little to no bearing on his life... he just now needs to get on with dealing / overcoming his grief issues, with the help of loved ones back home. his immediate nightmare seems to be over.... I hope he gets all the help he needs to recover from the emotional problems this incident has caused.