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  1. Just got back from Central Marina. It has become my favorite mall I just like walking around the place. Took my lady today and we had some lunch, a coffee, bought a shirt, walked around Big C and some other shops. Spent about 3 hours there. The place was fairly crowded also mostly Thai people it seemed. Lots of people eating. They do have a food court downstairs behind the Mc'Donald's. Good choices but pricey compared to Festival. There is also a food court upstairs Big C, although limited but cheaper pricing. Many other restaurants within the mall complex. Walked up to the theaters and they are still Thai only. Many Thais going to the movie. Glad they have a place to see a flick but it would be great to add a couple of English films. Anyway, the place fits my shopping, dining needs just fine. Looking forward to Terminal 21 however.
  2. So, now with backup fees at 650,000 for minimum. Plus, reno. costs with furniture, etc., could reach 1 million. Yes I think the place is overpriced I think 250,000 b would be a good starting point. May in the short time lower the comps. but do the owners want the maintenance fees up to speed or not? Just something else from my observation. One side of the building faces toward the beach/pool. No view, but the other side faces a school and they had some dude on a loud speaker talking when I walked through. So, I think the pool side would be a quieter/better location.
  3. Sure is. Trump is a perfect example.
  4. I did fail to mention I saw several attractive TG walking around the place. Maybe they were overnighters who knows. I am sure the cheap rent and location could be attractive for them. Just a comment I am sure it will not sway someone to buy there. :)
  5. Where Thailand could help their tourist attendance is to have more destination/attraction spots. Like Asiatique in Bangkok, but more of a daytime destination attraction place and larger. If Hua Hin or even Pattaya had a place like that was on the water, walking friendly, had a few rides. restaurants, maybe an aquarium, etc, more people might come to spend the day.
  6. I truly do not get it. There is a new Condo building on Soi 6 at the Nana skytrain called Qcondo. The least expensive place is 30 million b. The highest is 150 million. Who would buy one of these? The units facing Sukhumvit will get much traffic and skytrain noise. I like the area but for that money loaded with bums and hookers. Why? Seems insane to me to buy here.
  7. I am in great health age 62 and mine went up 10%. I never have made a claim. I asked and they said the hospital charges have gone way up. I am at 82,000 for the Platinum. Anyone have a better rate for coverage? Axa was much more.
  8. I don't think there are enough people "curious about Hua Hin" to make it worth while. If someone has a meeting or purpose, ok. But, most don't. Why then go there?, for the beach and eat? You can do that in Pats. Hua Hin seems to me to be pretty boring and full of over priced hotels. I don't see enough future demand from Pattaya to keep this ferry afloat.
  9. Second and beach road have been crowded most of the day. Many tourists/people walking around. I went to Villa Market which usually is not crowded, and had to wait for several people in line. Jomtien is a do nothing place anyway. Most people come to central to actually have a life.
  10. 100% agree I don't see a low season here. Why would there be it is warm/hot everyday (which I like) and the rain seems to come just very hard in spurts.
  11. Burma is just starting to figure things out. I was there for 4 days recently. I have to say the women were beautiful and many of them walking around Yangon. I got smiles from many pretty young girls and spoke with several just chit chat as their English is not good.. I am in my 60's they were in their 20's. I think the place is a gold mine. Probably like Thailand was 40 years ago. The problem may be for you (which I think is actually a positive) is that not many have phones. They cannot afford them. Go there in person, walk around and check it out. A short ways outside the city the place is totally 3rd world. I bet for sure the girls in the city would love to meet a foreigner.
  12. I just checked this place out. It is very unkempt except for the pool which was very large and clean. The minimum bid will be approx. 500,000 b for a studio 28 Sq meters. I walked around and many areas are dirty with things in disrepair. A bunch of out of business shops on the first floor. It made me depressed really had kind of a prison feel. Mostly people seeking German at the pool. The location is actually good took me about 3 minutes on motorcycle to 3rd road. I took some photos of some open/empty rooms which obviously are in need of work/money. It would not be my choice but if someone found a decent room and had cash to fix it up, it may suit their needs.
  13. HAHA. Great thanks now can you translate it for us.
  14. Sounds like you need to load up on some Tylenol. My Dentist in the states is driving a BMW based upon what I have paid in dental work over the past 15 years. Your 12,000 b cost on your procedures would be close to 100,000 b in the US. Root canal and crown each over $1,000 US now in California. I trust most Dentists like I trust Attorneys.