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  1. Thanks for the tip. How far would I need to go to make a legal U turn?
  2. Thanks, This also looks like a straightforward route. Probably won't decide for sure till I get to Saraburi. LOL
  3. Thanks that certainly looks like a nice straightforward route and far less likely to go wrong than that tollway exit which looks really confusing. So it would be basically straight all the way into Bangkok, then left onto Rama IX, right onto Asoke and finally left onto Sukhumwit? Right? If we miss the worst of thr traffic I think I'll take this way. (final destination is actually Sukhumwit 23)
  4. We'll be leaving Khon Kaen around 11:30 am and will probably take a break around Korat so will most likely arrive at the edge of Bangkok around 6 in the evening if we make it a nice steady drive. Hotel is on Soi 23 so just a quick left from Asoke.
  5. I'll be driving from the Northeast tomorrow and Google Maps tell me to get on the Don Muang Tollway and then I need to leave at the signs fir Rama IX road before going down Asoke and on to Sukhumwit for our hotel. I know I've been down this way several times in Taxis but I haven't paid enough attention to remember the route exactly. Is this fairly straightforward if I just follow the signs? How many sets of tolls will I go through and what will the tolls cost me? Is there a better way? Thanks
  6. You may be able to track through your Google account but I think you will have had to set it up on your phone beforehand. I think iy also needs to be connected to the net. https://www.google.com/android/devicemanager?hl=en&u=0
  7. What does your contract say about termination of your contract and notice periods? If you were told a week ago then that sounds like it was one month in advance of 19th April.
  8. May not be necessary to change EVERY time if your box allows you to set the default language to English. The True boxes I've used usually did.
  9. I'm going to make no further comment on this topic until I see people posting that they are getting these channels in English. Let me be VERY, VERY CLEAR. I understand the difference between Android system settings and Application settings. When I tried there was no English on any channel at any time. If you come back and tell me you can then I will accept that without question. I do not understand why you are dismissing not just my report but also the corroborating post on the other thread.
  10. Like I already said. I have already been into that menu and changed the audio to English. I found it was still Thai audio. When I had the NatGeo channels on CTH the audio was in English. I'm aware that we are in Thailand but watching an English speaker dubbed into Thai on a channel that should be dual audio such as Nat Geo is not acceptable to me. If it works for you, and I sincerely hope it does, and I see others report English works then I may well try again.
  11. Got as far as trying to register but you need a UK mobile number to receive a code my SMS.
  12. Glad it wasn't just me. Bring back CTH...... Never, ever thought I'd come out with that.... lol
  13. I think I've had a trial with Pulse before. If I'm correct they sent me a link to the app to download myself.
  14. A possible scenario..... He had the rice cooking already as stated in the report so he told his family he was going out to buy some good food all the time planning to get it from the temple. When he didnt get it he lost face but it wasn't his fault it was the abbot's fault......
  15. No. I didn't try any of that unfortunately.