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  1. Gotta love Cloke's 1st goal. Straight in front of the Collingwood cheer squad.
  2. ATTENTION, ATTENTION. URGENT FOR FANTASY LEAGUE PLAYERS. Sorry moderators for shouting but is important. Fantasy comp will start next week (Rd 2) so prepare your teams. It will be 15 rounds that means we play each other twice and play another 3 times. I play Joboss 3 times. No games during the bye period so rebuild your teams. GOOD LUCK AND ENJOY THE BONDING AND COMPETITION. I have constructed my team but will be away from Internet for 5 weeks so I hope it holds up. Will also have to put my tips in for Rd 2 to 6 in advance. Good luck guys. Alex I will be at the saints V Dee's game tomorrow then fly out to Chiangmai with family. Good luck to Dee's but don't hold your breath.
  3. Well done police again in determining the cause of death at the scene.
  4. Dees havent beaten the saints in 14 outings and the saints havent won an opening round for 7 years. Both need the win
  5. He is in a whole lot of trouble police dont take to kindly to shirtless farangs in chiangmai. You will be arrested for not wearing a shirt.
  6. Section 44 could be a nice little money earner
  7. Tigers by 43. I tipped them by 33 oh well thier goes my margin.
  8. Yes but then the coup would have been a waste and the military wouldnt get their toys.
  9. Bargain. Buy 2 cheap chinese subs and get one for free. What is it, a fire sale? What about spare parts, submariners and qualified people to maintain them or are you just going to tie them up to the aircraft carrier?
  10. You certainly are Prayuth.
  11. Let me guess, self defence.
  12. Study what? I think it is already well known that Uber provides a far better service for less.