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  1. Everyone involved in this case besides the victim's family deserves to be knee capped.
  2. We loser power at least once per day for a few seconds or a minute.
  3. We have them for a back up. They have showed up unannounced twice now. The first time the tech literally tried to push his way into my door and I physically had to grab him and toss him into the hallway. He didn't speak a word of English and his accent made it very hard for me to understand him. I sent them packing. I called support AND contacted them on LINE, no one would confirm they sent anyone to my place. It was like talking to.... a Thai. A few weeks later 2 different lads showed up holding a new router in hand when I opened the door. We've also had CAT and 3BB, and 3BB is blazing fast. Sinet was fast but is pretty crappy now.
  4. Sounds about right. I doubt anyone was drug tested.
  5. Doubt most locals even hear about it.
  6. Thais will always be a bully society. It's part of their DNA.
  7. Neither will stay in jail. Mark my words.
  8. Assuming they actually go to jail in the first place. There is a very good chance they will simply fade away or flee the country.
  9. Maybe we should put a super committee together to investigate the nature of the flip flop.
  10. This is exactly what will happen IF he shows up. He's above the law and he knows it.
  11. Probably a well known poo yai runs the animal trade there.
  12. Thais scammed get the crime supression unit to jump and take action. Foreigners scammed by Thais... solly mist-ur.
  13. This is in regards to the Thai woman stranded in a South Korean hospital with a 200k baht and no way to pay it.
  14. "Yea, whatever." - Every mom & pop shop in the country
  15. He is right about one thing, there is a huge drop in Chinese tourists to S Korea. The Chinese gov is on a propaganda spree to curb tourism and consuming of Korean goods / entertainment. Those Chinese will go somewhere else. That is a fact. If they can lure them here or not is another story.