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  1. Hawaii is almost entirely Democratic with only a very small handful of Republicans serving anywhere in the state government. Many Republicans in Hawaii over the years have shifted over to being Democrats to be able to get stuff done and hold committee positions.
  2. Fear of rejection is common in most people. Eventually I came to the realization that unless I took a chance there was zero chance of anything happening. Where if I took a chance and was rejected is was no worse off than if I had done nothing. I like to go fishing and it can be analogous. Sometimes the fish bite, and sometimes they do not, sometimes you catch the fish and sometimes they get away. I still enjoy fishing and I don't enjoy it any less when the fish get away. "Fortune favors the bold".
  3. I was looking at the statistics for Thailand road deaths the other day, something like 26,000 deaths a year (every year) with 70-80% of those deaths being people driving or riding as passengers on a motorcycle. Hard to imagine more people dying that during the entire 11 years of the US war in Vietnam (just US deaths) in a little over two average years on the roads here in Thailand. I have visited here many times over the years and these people drive like complete idiots. So in addition to the bad infrastructure (grates, sidewalks, etc.) and the bad drivers it its excellent advice to be aware of your surroundings and situationally aware at all times.
  4. It looks like that is the power rating and input voltage for different countries of purchase and if this is the case it WILL NOT switch automatically. We brought a Bose Bluetooth speaker over with us but the input voltage was rated for 110-240 VAC, 50/60 Hz so it will work in every country (and does work in Thailand and the USA).
  5. I would check the input voltage range on the speakers (normally inline somewhere on the cord). If it is 110-120 VAC take it back to Bose for a replacement.
  6. Believe that GW is completely caused by man or not because it does not matter. The simple fact is that according to the theory (IPCC official documents) we have already put too much manmade CO2 into the atmosphere and the results from just the CO2 already in the atmosphere are going to be severe. However the fix is to reduce CO2 levels to limit the severity of the damage. The problem is that the fix is likely more costly than just adjusting to the changing climate, and many developing countries have already rejected decreasing CO2 emissions. So the bottom line whether you believe in this or not is that CO2 levels will continue to rise no matter what the USA and Europe do to cut emissions. It would also help if Al Gore and DiCaprio would stop flying all around the world in private Lear jets to tell us ordinary people that we should not fly economy coach class. One other question that I have not figured out yet also is why do people like DiCaprio and other GW/GCG believers own oceanfront homes?
  7. I also love street food from Thailand and everywhere else. Started the first time I pulled into the Philippines on a US Navy submarine in 1983, and have always loved it since. Pick the vendors that have a line of locals buying from them. I'm my experience/opinion people don't line up to get street food from a stall that is known for food poisoning.
  8. Something going wrong could also imply failure, my point was that a single KIA incurred during the storming of a terrorist enclave is something that may occur during those types of military operations. Casualties are part of military operations and that was my point.
  9. Because the Supreme Court is currently one judge short and if tied the lower court ruling would stand. The lower court 9th circuit) is however overturned on appeal about 85% of the time (even the most liberal Supreme Court justices frequently rule against those idiots). Also so they may have lost on more narrow issues of immigration law regarding current Visa holders from those countries.
  10. Perhaps, but existing law and precedents on this particular question are already well established. The executive branch has authority over immigration.
  11. Using your logic any military operation with casualties is a failure? WWII using your logic was a complete failure and we should have let Germany take over Europe and left Asia to the Japanese so we would not take any casualties. People die during war (news flash) hopefully more of the other guys than our own. US Navy Seals are professional warriors, every one of them is a volunteer, and they know the risks of going into combat.
  12. Your straw man argument that once the Federal government can make any and all laws is not the point I was (or anyone else was) trying to make. The president of the United States (Executive Branch) is specifically given control over who and how many emigrate to the USA. Look up the statute, it is pretty cut and dried (easy enough for a liberal arts major to understand).
  13. Except for the fact that by law this is a specified duty of the executive branch. Using your logic, decisions to use military force by the President and congress could be stopped by the court action in a single state because one of its citizens would be inconvenienced or have difficulty getting a Visa for a family member. That is not how the separation of powers between branches of the US government is supposed to work. This will be overturned on appeal.