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  1. "Everyone talks about the weather, but no one does anything about it" Mark Twain
  2. I didn't know that, but the problem is me. For absolutely no good reason, it annoys me to see it. Appreciate the response. If someone ever figures out how to get rid of it, great.If not, no worries. Cheers
  3. Okay, no worries. Thanks any way. Cheers
  4. Yes. But can I deleted it? Just aesthetics. Cheers
  5. Hi All I was updating my profile, but now when I post I see the photo (blank in my case), the number of posts, etc. But, I also see "gender; ". How can I get rid of this? If that is not a clear explanation, please have a look left and you see my profile with the word 'gender'. I want that deleted. Thanks in advance
  6. No worries, I cycle every morning at dawn and so I sympathize. I have used all three, but not for anything complicated. The guy in Maenam is a good guy and speaks English. Racing World both sells and repairs high end mountain bikes, but when I have gone there, the mechanic (?!) has been a kid. The chief saleslady speaks English very well (and non-stop!) and could translate. In Cheweng, I have only bought parts. If it were me, I'd start in Maenam. But, if you need parts, go to Racing World. Cheers
  7. I don't know where on the island you are, but... If in/near Maenam, there is a cycle shop at ring road/Soi 2 next to the 7-11. If near Bophut, try Racing World which is about 100-200 yards past the Bophut market heading towards Cheweng. If near Cheweng, try the shop close to the PPT gas station on the ring road; Good luck
  8. Further to the post above (25), could you provide details? When I did mine, I went to the left lane (see post 22) and gave them my documents, most of which were handed back. Then, my passport was handed over the divider to the staffer at the computer. The staffer entered the info of 2-3 people, then came out and returned the passports; I saw the entire process unfold. What was different for you? Where was the delay? Was anything other than the passport required (if this was NOT the first 90 day report)? Cheers
  9. So would an Aussie call Australia an island?.... just saying... Perhaps I shouldn't comment on this as I come from the island of North/Central/South America. Cheers
  10. I live in Maenam on Samui. Cheers
  11. As I noted in my OP, only passport and the slip in the passport. I had copies of everything, including the nosy form, but it was all handed back to me as 'not needed' by the first lady where you hand in the passport. Good luck!
  12. Hi All I did a 90 day report this morning; it took 15 minutes without any trouble or drama. I had copies of the usual stuff, but the only requirement was the passport and the slip. The lady told me that after the first report, the copies aren't needed anymore. I don't know if it is the same for all, but it was my second 90 day from a O-A Long Stay. I would guess that there were about 100 people there, all doing TR extensions (I assume). I am posting this as I think many ThaiVisa readers (including me!) worry too much. Most, if not all visits are trouble-free. Cheers
  13. Dear SamuiJimmy Please don't tell the visitors about the northern beaches; they are lovely without the crowds! Cheers
  14. Respectfully, if you are making life-changing decisions based on an Internet comments section, then stay away. Cheers
  15. Just went out for a ride (cabin fever ). There is a flood by the turning to Lompraya in Maenam which is about 18 inches deep, and a small lake now.I saw a few cars go through, but no bikes. I feel for the people who live there; I suspect it will be bad for a while. Stay safe all!