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  1. Not "entitled" to 60 days, you may be granted a permission of stay "up to" 60 days.
  2. Wow ! I did not realise that he was doing that - I thought he was committing terrorist atrocities and treason by fighting against Her Majesty's Govt on UK soil, ie. Northern Ireland ! (Not Ireland).
  3. The OP said "in" a few months, not "for" a few months, huge difference !
  4. They can't have used anything stamped in your passport as proof of address - because nothing stamped in your passport has your address on it.
  5. I used a letter from my employer as proof.
  6. There were 8 people of which only 1 was a foreigner, they were not ripping off the foreigner - they were trying to rip off the Thai majority.
  7. The money is shown to prove that you have enough for living expenses for the coming year. Immigration does not issue visas, that is the MFA - better to ask them this question. Wish that group had given me the money instead of some lawyer. :-)
  8. Any facts to back this up ? I can think of quite a few "elite" here that were not home schooled.
  9. Your extensions of stay for one subject would be limited to a maximum of 18 months, then, unless you can find an advanced course you would have to leave or find something else to study - so not for "as long as you sign up". Extensions for language schools are now normally 90 days, not 60.
  10. I was fairly sure that every entry point was on the immigrations system, so it would not matter where or how the OP tried to enter.
  11. It has never been "required" to dress "nicely" when visiting a bank, a lawyer or an office here !
  12. Nope, it actually landed 44 minutes late, not 49.
  13. .
  14. That would be great, because every Thai lecturer where I work earns a lot more than I do as a Westerner. :-)