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  1. I raised this in another thread a long time ago, but was assured that the auditors had 'passed' EU accounts. Presumably the 'truth' is a compromise - EU accounts have been given a 'pass', whilst auditors were critical of certain aspects?
  2. I only look at SCB transfer rates, and its fallen to under 42 against bht whereas it was over 42 a couple of days ago. Unless of course, I've made a mistake and was looking at the wrong 'box'!
  3. OK, thanks. I thought there must be an icon to click somewhere that provided this info.!
  4. My mistake. I thought you were referring to the fall in sterling yesterday/today.
  5. How do posters know who has been suspended, and why?
  6. "Well we didn't have to wait and see what affect deciding to leave had on our currency as correctly predicted by all those silly experts, it plummeted." Which leaves me a little perplexed - bearing in mind May gave the date on which Article 50 would be triggered a while ago. And yet some were taken by suprise, resulting in sterling falling again??
  7. Her 'public persona' may be right about some things, but I'd be shocked if exploitation and bigger profits for the elite are about to change. Big business buy off politicians and policy makers easily - which is why politicians are on a par with those who sell cars when it comes to 'trust' amongst the electorate.
  8. So far, Osborne (and the ministers) promise of a punishment budget has been proven to be a lie. No idea (roll eyes) why you are trying to compare an outright lie to Michael Fish's incorrect forecast. There's a HUGE difference between predicting the weather and telling the voters that the 'wrong' vote would result in a punishment budget! Which of course, was subsequently proven to be a lie edit - and just part of "Project Fear".
  9. Which brings us back nicely to the debating trick of insisting that those who voted brexit were voting against "little brown people'/Osborne was only forecasting (with his promised punishment budget) the result of a brexit win, rather than ratcheting up "Project Fear"/those who voted brexit were "numpties". I can't be the only one who is sick and tired of these "debating tricks"!
  10. "Osborne was FORECASTING what was likely to happen immediately we confirmed we were withdrawing." Quite, although I'd amend that to Osborne and the govt. ministers. They were proven liars and the 'forecast' has subsequently been proven to be part of "Project Fear".
  11. Agree entirely about "groundhog day".... Nobody is about to change their opinion at the moment, but its still interesting (mostly...) to read opinions from others. Although I could do without the arrogance and insults against those with a different opinion .
  12. And you persist - insisting that the brexit vote was a result of people voting against (in your words) "little brown people"! I'm bored with pointing this out, and so will give this up as a pointless exercise.
  13. Intellectual dishonesty is trying to pin the blame on brexit voters voting against "little brown people"....
  14. Agree - but can't see the point on putting anyone on an ignore list.
  15. In other words, he was a lone nutter who had for some reason developed a grudge into a determination to carry out a suicide attack. It would be interesting to know where he had been prior to converting to the Islamic faith. Prison?