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  1. Registered mail..both ways..18 THB each way. On day 12 I called and she had it. Pretty easy to speak with a human. Got it today.
  2. Could be a problem with a farang landlord, too.
  3. It has never taken that long before....never even 10 days. Don't know what is up...but just allow plenty of time....
  4. Looks more like east of Phayao...would be nice.
  5. Look a lot like soi 3 boys to me.....Arab, not telling which Leftist garbage pile gave them a passport..
  6. Yes, solid and professional. Quite a few are good lookers, too.
  7. One credit union I deal with that does free ACH, identified BKKBANK NY as an intermediary bank and I couldn't complete the transaction. Capital one or Capitalone360 is free and works great.
  8. No, but apparently you can. Stick to warm Chang on ice.
  9. I noticed on the Immigration website there is a warning about a fine up to 10000 THB for not reporting an alien living on your property within 24 hours. This TM 30 Krap seems to be racheting up, all over. Cost me 1600... to file on my own condo that I have blue and yellow books for.
  10. I don't doubt it, but I think it got so bad in BKK that they finally took measures to abate it....I spent a few weeks there last year and didn't see one....besides seeing them in food service areas, the bags of garbage with them on the sidewalks is just plain uncivilized. Like the dog problem, it just has to get a little worse before it gets better. People try to justify it by saying they are everywhere, but there is no excuse for them to be in personal property. Clearly a correlation in life expectancy and rat abatement. I have gone decades without seeing them, and I lived near or in some major cities.
  11. That is all true, and why it is best to get SS in a US Bank...then do a free transfer to BKKBANK NY quarterly to reduce fees by 75% and not have to go to the branch. Of course, those who live month to month cannot enjoy this savings. While the BKK Bank is a great way to get money here, it is clearly not the best bank to stash your 800k, etc.. I am getting 1.5% paid monthly, with no withholding, a free ATM card that I can use for free at any Thai ATM, and 6000 others in ASEAN...and lounge access at Swampy, PP, SING, and KL. Many here thrive on the hard way, personally, I like free money, and not getting taken advantage of by financial institutions.
  12. Heading towards San Kamphaeng...THX!
  13. speeds are only guaranteed domestically.
  14. 3BB and Si Net both worked well for me. Si Net was much better with the wiring. Heat related transformer issues can cause are out of school....Run your speed test and give therm notice...fair enough.
  15. Royal Project CMU is one of the best things about living up here. Most of their stuff is grown right there....about fifty times cleaner and better than Ton Payom....the girls at the registers have an attitude, though ,and show an absolute minimum of politeness. 80 for a Kg of potatoes is a huge jump from the 15 pound bags that were two for a Dollar in Eureka, CA a few years back.