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  1. Only those with tiny pension pots (less than say GBP 200,000) would sensibly have kept their pensions in the UK. Others would do as I've done and transferred them offshore (QROPS). Zero tax. (Unfortunately, that opportunity has been closed in the last few days.)
  2. But isn't the "no tax" thing largely true - at least for income tax and CGT? Investment income for non-residents arising in the UK is only subject to tax deducted at source (which now is none). There is no CGT for non-residents. No Thai tax on UK income. Expats can move their investments offshore to a tax-free environment - no tax in UK or Thailand. I legally pay no income tax in Thailand since I generate very little income here. In fact, the only UK tax I pay is VAT on my occasional return trips to the UK and the tax on flights. And the only Thai tax I pay is the local VAT. (This is, of course, not a justification for the UK's shoddy treatment of expat pensioners.)
  3. Not really. Simply a coincidence of name. I posted the link tongue-in-cheek.
  4. Not sure what "producer" means in this context. Assuming it means "provider" I would expect to see its name on this list: http://www.investopedia.com/articles/personal-finance/010715/worlds-top-10-insurance-companies.asp AXA, nope. Zurich, nope. Prudential, nope. Munich Re, nope. Assicurazioni Generali, nope. Allianz, close, but nope. (The others in the top 10 may not operate internationally, which is why I haven't mentioned them.) Anyway, the claim of "world's largest" appears to be a lie. As for "one of the most respected brands within global financial services", well this is a list of the top 100 financial service companies: http://bankinnovation.net/2009/04/the-top-100-financial-services-brands-in-the-world/ Nope, Alliance is not there. Not in the top 100. Again, this claim appears to be another lie. So, (user) AllianceGroupInternational, do you have anything independent to back you your company's lies boastful claims?
  5. There's a Wikipedia page for "Alliance Group". https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Alliance_Group
  6. It's interesting that though they claim to operate in the UK and USA, but they don't appear to be regulated in either country (at least according to their website). They are, however, regulated in those centres of financial probity Mauritius, St. Kitts & Nevis, and Gibraltar. Note that you have no access to the capital during the term of the investment. Perhaps once they've garnered enough money they'll just shut up shop and disappear?
  7. This topic is about banking. Revolut is not a bank. Revolut is only available to legal residents of EU member states and some of its members' dependency territories, so irrelevant to a resident of Thailand. It also specifically provides crappy exchanges rates for Thai baht (and Russian Roubles).
  8. Just in case you find your red onions, this is how they cut them in India:
  9. The UK state pension is paid gross. The "hold the funds offshore" to avoid income tax in Thailand is a myth. No tax to pay. See http://www.thaivisa.com/forum/topic/973328-do-you-pay-thai-income-tax-on-your-pension/
  10. Thailand isn't a tax haven though so i assume you register for tax there? There's no need to register for tax in Thailand if your only income is from offshore. Thailand doesn't tax capital gains, even onshore. There's a theoretical rule that if you bring income into Thailand in the same year as it's earned, but it's not actually implemented as far as I can tell. So yes, Thailand really is a tax haven for many, including myself. I pay zero income tax or CGT anywhere in the world, all quite legally.
  11. I suspect it's an Asian Drongo Cuckoo (Surniculus lugubris). There's a recording of its call at http://www.birding2asia.com/Sounds/Thailand/KrungChing09/AsianDrongoCuckoo.mp3
  12. Just received a message from Nationwide about their sending a credit card to Thailand: "Unfortunately we are unable to mail to Thailand. I apologise for any inconvenience this may cause." This appears to contradict what others have written about Nationwide.
  13. British expat pensioners in Spain, healthcare costs are covered by the UK via S1 certificate Last time I checked Spain was not a non-EU country.
  14. But the government doesn't care about the cost. If it did it would close the loophole whereby Latvians and Estonians (for example) can fly into the UK for one day, get an EHIC card, and then get free (or heavily subsidised) medical treatment back in their home countries, the UK taxpayer picking up the bill.