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  1. One step at a time would be my advice
  2. Long term land LEASES, unless I am mistaken They are actually offering genuine LAND ownership to all and sundry, as long as they are Thai citizens, no change there then 5555555 Perhaps its in your destiny though who knows
  3. Why cant people like you understand a simple fact of life, concerning Thailand, Land ownership and Foreigners Its got nothing to do with anything other than they dont want you to own land, END OF
  4. I dont much care for the sound of that, I call for a second opinion
  5. You might want to look up the difference between, yours and theirs
  6. how can a ancestor squander your fortune
  7. I believe the English phrase excuse my French might just explain the confusion
  8. I honestly cant help you with this as I am fresh out of guesses
  9. My guess would be and it is a guess, electric motors while submerged, diesel engines while on the surface That is what appeared to happen in the war films I have seen, silent running would be difficult with a V8 going hell for leather Bubbles only when they sink, and that is not the same as diving I do believe
  10. Yes I fully understand, oh the memories the singing postman, and Hev Yew Gotta Loight boy and his nicotine girl There are one or two contributors on here who are also fully paid up members of the flat earth society The word innit seems to be a red flag to them, but after 1 / 2 skirmishes they seem to have withdrawn It really was not a dig, a pity it came over as that, hopefully no terminal damage done I better not say have a nice day 55555, I will just say enjoy your grub
  11. I would suggest you have another look at what Thechook actually said You must not change his quote, in an attempt to give a childish post some form of legitimacy