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  1. If you are not careful- those gays pickpockets could be a real pain in the ass.
  2. You just joined TV. How would you know what the "Thaivisa haters" posted? Are you a banned members who is trying to sneak back in?
  3. Is there a van/bus that goes to and from the Chatuchak bus station ( also called Mo Chit 2) ? Cheers
  4. If I have a Pattaya address, can I still use Cheang Wattana Road Immigration for my Non o and extension based on retirement? Thanks
  5. If you use torrents - you can get all the popular premium TV commercial free, and in HD. Alternatively, try and find a software version of the box in question. For example: when Directv hacking was in vogue, software versions of their receivers and decoder cards were available. I would suggest searching forums that deal with hacking. Cheers
  6. When using the TM87 to get the Non Imm O extension of stay, does one need to show his Income verification letter? I assume that one only needs it for the extension based on retirement, but better safe than sorry. Cheers
  7. Let's hope everyone got out.
  8. Does the Income Verification Letter need to be translated to Thai before being stamped?
  9. The OP is a troll masked as a concerned member. The fact that the mods have not booted him off tells me that the forum is being led by some very tolerant folks - a fact that I find refreshing.
  10. I am a member of two other Pattaya adult forums. I like to look at nudies, talk about naughty babes, and compare juicy massage parlor info'. In contrast, TV is a great place to exchange civilized (lol) info'. We have members who provide important visa, hotel, and local info'. And believe me, the so called TV flaming and trolling are very minimal when compared to some other sites. I like a balance, and TV provides that for me.
  11. The posts are more feces-ious than sarcastic.
  12. Dongtan Beach denizens have been utilizing tropical fruits for many years.